Nectar Points Power Up: how it works

Sainsbury’s and Nectar are trialing a Double Up replacement

Remember the Nectar Double Up offer? Well it’s back for 2023 – kind of. The new app only promotion is only available to some customers. But if you can get it, it’s much better than the old promotion. Here’s what you need to know.

When is the 2023 Nectar Points Power Up?

Sainsbury’s and Nectar have announced that the Nectar Points Power Up offer runs between 15 and 24 November 2023. That’s the last day to swap your points over, though you’ll have more time to use them in the run up to Christmas.

Who can get the offer?

Sadly it’s not for all customers, only those who see the promotion in their Nectar app. In our team, none of us are eligible, but we’ve heard from readers who do have access.

Sainsbury’s won’t say who can get it, though it doesn’t look like a huge number of the total customer base.

How does Nectar Points Power Up work?

If you are shown the offer, you must have at least 2,000 points in your account to actually take part. You can then swap those points for twice the value as vouchers. You can swap your points in set amounts:

  • 2,000 will become 4,000 points (worth £20)
  • 4,000 will become 8,000 points (worth £40)
  • 6,000 will become 12,000 points (worth £60)
  • 8,000 will become 16,000 points (worth £80)

You’re able to do this multiple times, though only up to a maximum of 10,000 points swapped (which will become 20,000 points worth £100).

Since you must use your vouchers in full when spending it makes sense to swap the smaller denominations over. No change will be given if you don’t cover the total cost of the voucher. You can use more than one on a single transaction.

How to double your Nectar points

You’ll only be able to take part in the offer via the app – even online accounts won’t have access. This will be a huge source of frustration for those who don’t use a smart phone.

As long as you see the offer in your app, tap it and you’ll be given the option to “get started” and covert your vouchers. You’ll need to confirm your choice and the vouchers will appear in the “My Coupon Wallet” section of your Sainsbury’s account straight away (for online shopping) and in the saved section of the Nectar app.

Where to use Nectar Power Up vouchers

The good news if you can use your boosted points on pretty much everything in-store and online. There are the usual voucher restrictions – things like tobacco, lottery tickets and baby milk. The full list is here.

In addition it can’t be used alongside the buy six and get 25% off wine promotion or any spirits in the UK, or any alcohol in Scotland or Wales.

The vouchers will last 30 day, so make sure you use them before they expire. For online orders, the delivery must happen before the vouchers expire.

How to use Nectar Power Up vouchers

In-store you’ll need to scan your voucher at the till. Online you’ll need apply the coupon before you check out.

Remember there’s no change given so make sure your basket adds up to more than the total value of the voucher.

What happened to Nectar Double Up?

This new promo is similar to Nectar Double Up, which ran until 2021. This was more restrictive than this Points Power Up offer as you could only use the vouchers in certain parts of the supermarket – and not on groceries.

You could get vouchers online, though it also didn’t allow in-store swaps in the final years. You can read more about how it worked, and my issues with it, here.

2 thoughts on “Nectar Points Power Up: how it works

  1. Happy to see this back, especially as it is more straightforward than previous incarnations, because this time you can use on most things in Sainsburys, and even with Nectar price offers.

    1. FYI, it’s best if you try to workout hiw much you’re going to spend in a single shop before deciding which vouchers to get as you can only use one of the same value vouchers at a time. I did 1 x 4000 points because I knew I’d spend it in one go, for Xmas gifts (although original plan was partly foiled due to low stock of some items on offer), and 3 x 2000 for smaller shopping trips.


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