Cash Chats ep67: How to save hundreds on your mobile phone bill

This week on the podcast I share how to cut your mobile phone bill to around a tenner, and other ways to bring down how much you pay.

Not many of us can go without a mobile phone, which is probably why so many people overspend. It’s possible to cut a monthly bill down to around £10 without losing coverage, and if you want a new handset, you can get them far cheaper if you don’t automatically upgrade when your contract ends.

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This week’s links

> Cut the cost of using your phone abroad (Be Clever With Your Cash)

> How much data do I need (Giffgaff)

> Mobile phone coverage checker (Ofcom)

> Three’s Wuntu loyalty app explained (Be Clever With Your Cash)

> How to get O2 Priority even if you’re not on O2 (Be Clever With Your Cash)

> How to sell your old handset (Be Clever With Your Cash)


2 thoughts on “Cash Chats ep67: How to save hundreds on your mobile phone bill

  1. Please transcribe it. Don’t have time to listen

    1. Hi Rose, I’ll always try to do this but it can take a few hours. Since it’s just me running the blog alongside other work commitments I don’t always have the time. You could always try listening while you’re cooking, or out for a walk!


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