Cash hack: get free Amazon Prime for 6 months

Little by little, Amazon are making their Prime subscription service more appealing. But at £79 a year, my view is that it’s not quite worth the outlay. But this trick will get you six months for free.

This cash hack will cost you between £25 and £30, but you’ll easily make the money back and be able to get you free Amazon Prime for six months.

AND you’ll also get it for £39 a year after the trial for a further three years!

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime members get the following:

  • Free next day delivery, including items under £20
  • Priority access to lightning deals
  • Free Amazon Prime Video, including downloads to watch offline (like with iPlayer)
  • Free Amazon Prime Music (like Spotify)
  • 2 hours delivery through Amazon Prime Now app

Is Amazon Prime any good?

I like it but for £79 a year, I think Amazon Prime is only worth buying if you regularly get items shipped that are under £20.

Their video service is getting a lot better with exclusive dramas, and I really like that you can download box sets to watch offline. But if you’re not going to use other Amazon services, I prefer Netflix or NOW TV.

Amazon Prime Now is good, but has limited stock. And let’s face it most people can wait a couple of days for their delivery.

So it’s not bad, but probably not worth £79.

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How to get six months free Amazon Prime

Anyone can get a free 30-day trial, and you can take this up once a year – though it has to be 12 months since your last trial ended.

But students can get a free six-month trial. And after that it renews at £39 for a year for three years – a fantastic price.

Until recently you had to have an email address to get this, but now you can send a photo of your NUS card to get the deal. And this means anyone can get it, even if they’re not a full-time student!

To legally get your own student card, you need to buy an online course. There are dozens of options, but the best value are discounted courses on sites such as Groupon or Wowcher. These cost between £4 and £20.

I’ve explained more and listed the best current deals and what to do next in my How to get an NUS card if you’re not a student guide.

The NUS card will cost you £12 and another £1.50 postage – but you’ll easily make that back from discounts at cinemas, in shops and online.

Once you’ve received your NUS card, you need follow the link below and then send a scan or photo of your card to Amazon Student. If you are approved a unique link to bet emailed back to you.

There is a risk you might be rejected by Amazon, but I’ve only heard of this happening twice – while hundreds have succeeded. And even if that does happen you can save a fortune using your NUS card on the high street.

>> Got your NUS card? Apply for Amazon Student

What happens after the six-month trial?

If you don’t cancel in your settings, you’ll automatically be renewed at £39 a year after six months. I think that’s a great price. But make a note of the expiration date so you don’t forget to cancel if you don’t think you’ll use the service enough.

Double up the saving

Becky and I actually got a full year for free by both signing up for the free six-month trial. So when my trial ended, Becky started hers. I was then able to activate the £39 annual price on my account six months later.

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11 thoughts on “Cash hack: get free Amazon Prime for 6 months

  1. Amazon no longer allows these cards as proof of student status, the following email received from Amazon when I tried to renew…
    Your Account
    Message From Customer Service

    Greetings! Hope you’re doing well and keeping safe.

    I’m Azim from Student verification team here at

    I’ve reviewed the information you provided in your e-mail, but it does not qualify as proof of enrollment. The TOTUM PRO CARDS system won’t be accept please send us back other documents as mentioned below so we can proceed further student prime membership.

    I’m really sorry however TOTUM Pro cards and Uniday’s id card are no longer accepted as proof for student prime membership.

    TOTUM Pro is for professional learners (i.e. people studying part-time for a professional qualification or current members of a recognised professional body).
    whereas TOTUM is a student discount card available to higher education and further education students.
    However you can help us with the proof from the mentioned above . You can send any one of it.
    Please can you scan, take a photo or screen shot of the following documentation, and then send the file to us as an attachment.
    • A valid NUS Extra or NUS Apprentice Extra card (must show your name, institution, and date of expiry)
    • A proof of student status letter (must be printed on official institution headed paper and include student name and address, course details and start date, expected graduation/completion date)
    • A tuition bill for the current term (must include institution name, course details and start date, student address)
    • Your student invoice for the current term with your name and your institution’s name on it
    • An official acceptance letter for the upcoming term (must be printed on official institution headed paper and include student name and address, course details and enrolment date, expected graduation/completion date)
    ( Note- TOTUM PRO Card and Uniday’s id card are no longer accepted as proof of enrollment. )

  2. can am amazon prime student account be locked or suspended by amazon while on the 6 month trial. can order go through on amazon prime student account without bein flagged??

  3. If you have a one year course do you have to get a one year nus card and tell Amazon that you are doing a one year course and graduate in a year. What do you then do when it comes to the end of the year can you do the same process on the same account or on a different account?

    1. Hi Ryan, you normally just need to send a photo of your NUS card! I’ve heard of one or two people who have not been successful but the vast majority do it fine.

  4. Awesome, really great little hack… KUDOS!!

  5. Hi, I purchased the NUS card with E-careers for the Microsoft course, however I don’t think its enough to warrant getting amazon student without a valid uni alias. Any suggestions on how I would go about submitting the Microsoft course to get through the hurdle?

    1. It should work. You just need to send a photo of your NUS card

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  9. We have used this and as I lived in a student house we took it in turns to get our free 6 months meaning we had years of free amazon prime.


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