Cash Chats episode 31: Ask Andy (Holiday car hire, NOW TV, iPhone upgrades)

This week on the podcast I’m answering your questions.

I’ll often get emails and blog comments from readers and listeners so I thought the perfect place to answer those questions is here on the podcast so you can all hear the answers.

So the three questions I tackle this week are:


I’m trying to book a hire car for when we go on holiday to Sardinia on 28 September but I don’t want to pay stupid money. There are loads of companies with cheap quotes but I don’t know any of them and then u always have to pay extra insurance money when u get to the airport or risk paying a huge excess of anything happens. Do u know the best places to look for deals?


I have a free view box. Can I watch NOW TV sports on my Hitachi tv?


Wondered what you thought about the iPhone Upgrade Programme and whether you think it’s value for money? I’m looking to get a new handset and whilst in the past was happy to pay for the cost of the handset upfront to avoid being fleeced on monthly payments, the cost of an iPhone seems to have gone up significantly!

Listen to my answers in the podcast below, and you can find the links for further reading a little bit further down the page.

Plus if you have any questions you’d like me to answer, just get in touch!

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Show notes: this week’s links

Holiday car Hhire


iPhone upgrade programme



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