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Another episode where I answer your questions.

This week I explain a simple trick to help cancel Tastecard, analyse whether it’s worth switching to get the new First Direct or HSBC cashback schemes, and finally how to jump the queue to get a Monzo bank card.

Here are the questions:


“I have been trying to cancel my Tastecard trial but no one is on the phones – I don’t want it renewing. Please help!


Is the new cashback scheme from First Direct any good? Should I switch bank for it?


I am interested to have a new Monzo card. How can I get it?

Listen to my answers in the podcast below, and you can find the links for further reading a little bit further down the page. Plus if you have any questions you’d like me to answer in a future episode, just get in touch!

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Show notes: this week’s links

Question 1: Cancelling Tastecard

Question 2: new First Direct and HSBC cashback schemes

Question 3: How to jump the queue for a Monzo card

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