Cash Chats #108 – Cutting the cord on Sky and Virgin TV

If you get your TV via Sky or Virgin Media then you’re paying far more money than you need to. It’s possible to dramatically cut how much you pay and still watch all the channels you want.

Yep that includes the likes of Sky Atlantic, Fox and Discovery, and even Sky Sports. And you can still get multi-room viewing and record the majority of channels. 

In this episode Andy has been joined by blogger Or Goren to discuss how you can “cut the cord”, the alternative ways to watch and the tools to view them on your TV.



Cutting the cord

> Andy’s guide on why it’s time to ditch expensive Sky and Virgin TV subscriptions

> Or’s guide to how to cut the cord

> Now TV offers and deals

> Sky Sports pass deals on Now TV

> Andy’s comparison of the different streaming sticks

> Or’s review of the different Roku streaming sticks

> Andy’s thoughts on whether you should ditch the licence fee

Deals of the week

> Links to all this week’s offers over on Be Clever With Your Cash

Andy’s London event

> Get tickets to see Andy talk about money saving in London alongside fellow bloggers Charlotte Burns and Jordon Cox.


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