Apple TV+ deals, offers & free trials (July 2024)

Stream film and tv from Apple TV Plus for less.

Apple TV+ has a fraction of the TV and films available when compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime, but there are some must see shows there, such as Ted Lasso and The Morning Show, and more and more movies you won’t get elsewhere.

Here’s how you can watch it for free, and if not, how to pay as little as possible for the streaming service.

Apple TV+ cost

You’ll pay £8.99 a month for Apple TV Plus, with prices increased from £6.99 in late October 2023. This means it’s gone from one of the cheapest (£4.99) to not far off the others in just over 12 months

That’s partly to reflect that with every year there more original TV and movies are added. However there isn’t a huge back catalogue of shows you’ll already know, so once you’ve seen the new content, it’s probably wise to cancel and wait a few months (or more) before signing up again for the next big thing.

New customer only offers

One month free trial with Apple One

There’s a one month free trial via Apple One, a bundle that includes

  • Apple TV+
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple News+
  • Apple Fitness+ (Premier plan only)
  • iCloud+ (Premier plan only)

You’ll only get the free trial for services you’ve not already tried.

After the trial you’ll pay £18.95 a month as an individual, £24.95 a month for Family which can be shared with five other family members, and £36.95 for Premium which adds in News+ and Fitness+.

7-day free trial

New users of Apple TV+ can sign up and get a week for free. After this you’ll be charged the full £8.99 each month unless you cancel.

3 months free trial with purchase

If you buy an eligible Apple device you’ll get your first three months free. You’ll need to get one of the following:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple TV
  • Mac

You can’t get this offer if you’ve previously had the one-year free Apple TV+ deal that came with a device purchase.

You need to redeem the offer within 90 days of making your purchase. After the 3-month trial you’ll pay £8.99 a month unless you cancel.

Existing customer offers

Up to 3 months free via Currys

Join the free Currys Perks loyalty scheme and you can pick up “up to” three months free Apple TV+. You’ll get an email with a unique code to add to your Apple TV+ account and once you redeem it your free membership starts immediately.

It’s three months for newbies, but a slightly shorter two months and three weeks for anyone who’s already tried Apple TV+. You can only use a code once per Apple account.

There’s no date for when Currys will end the offer.

Three months free via O2/Virgin Media

Head to the O2 Priority app to get up to three months free Apple TV+. New customers will get three months, while if you’ve had Apple TV+ before you’ll get two months. Offer ends 1 September 2024 (though it’s already been extended a few times). You need to use the code by 1 September 2024.

You can’t have previously used an Apple TV+ voucher via Priority in the past to get this one.

If you’re not on O2 or Virgin Media then you can still get O2 Priority (and other freebies like Greggs treats) for £10 via this hack.

Three months free via Vodafone VeryMe

Vodafone users can also get up to three months free Apple TV+. New customers will get three months, while if you’ve had Apple TV+ before you’ll get two months. You can’t be a current user to activate the deal.

Offer ends 4 September 2024 (though it’s already been extended a few times).

If you’re not on Vodafone then you can still get VeryMe Rewards (and other freebies) via this hack.

6 months free via EE

New and previous Apple TV+ users with an EE phone contract can get six months free. Existing customers can it too, but they’ll need to cancel their current Apple TV+ plan first.

To get it, text TV PLUS to 150 and you’ll get sent a code to activate the offer.

After six months you’ll be charged full price unless you cancel.

“Free” via Barclays Blue Rewards

New and previous Apple TV+ customers can get access to the streamer and the additional MLS season pass via two Barclays current accounts – the Blue Rewards add on, or with the Premier account.

The former costs £5 a month, hence why the Apple TV+ isn’t really a freebie. But if you’re paying £8.99 a month anyway, you’ll be saving yourself £2.99 each month. And if you watch the American football matches that’s an even bigger saving.

Technically you can get the £5 Blue Rewards fee back in July and August 2024, but from September this won’t be possible. I’ve explained more here.

Premier current account holders don’t need to pay anything for the access, but the account itself requires a huge annual salary.

If you currently pay for Apple TV+ you’ll need to cancel your subscription before you can redeem the code.

3 months free via Sky TV

Sky TV customers can claim 3 months free Apple TV+ as long as they’ve not already had a similar offer via Sky

You can be a new or existing Apple TV+ subscriber. You’ll find the offer in the VIP section of the Sky app.

Don’t forget to cancel before the trial ends to avoid paying full price.

1 month free

This offer is for new and some returning Apple TV+ customers and you’ll get one month free. Ends 4 October 2024.

Free with Apple Music student subscription

Apple TV+ is currently free for students who sign up for Apple Music. This costs £5.99 a month, saving 46% on the normal cost, and that’s before you factor in the free TV.

The free Apple TV+ is for a “limited time” but there’s no information of how long it’ll be.

3 months free (expired)

You can currently get three months of Apple TV+ free using this link. This is available for both new customers and those that have had Apple TV+ before. It will renew at £8.99 per month after the three months, so be sure to cancel if you don’t want to pay full price.

The offer ends on 3 March 2025, but may be pulled sooner.

2-months free (expired)

Until 14 March 2024 you can get 2 months free Apple TV+. You’ll be charged £8.99 per month after the free period, so make sure to cancel if you don’t want to pay.

This is available to both new and previous customers.

One year for £69.99 (expired)

*It looks like this offer has now ended – but it’s worth checking your account to see if it’s hidden in there**

If you subscribe upfront for a year you’ll pay just £69.99, effectively 12 months for the price of 10. It’s not easy to find this option, so you have to search in your settings.

Anyone on an iPhone or iPad needs to go to the Settings app, then click your name followed by subscriptions. You’ll see Apple TV+ listed, and when you hit that you’ll see the options available to you.

If you’re using a browser you can log in with your Apple ID and go to Settings in the menu to do the same.

However, I do think you’re better off paying monthly and cancelling when there’s nothing you want to watch, or when you’re using other streaming services. I’m confident this way you’ll pay for way less than 10 months a year.

Apple TV+ hacks

Split the cost

Apple TV+ can be shared via Apple Family feature, meaning you and five others can get access to the subscription. If you split the cost between you that brings the cost down:

  • Two people: £4.50 each
  • Three people: £3 each
  • Four people: £2.25 each
  • Five people: £1.80 each
  • Six people: £1.50 each

When you set up Family Sharing, just be aware there are other features you can share such as iCloud storage and the App Store billing – so be careful what you share with people outside your home.

Apple TV+ vs Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime & NOW

It’s a competitive streaming market right now, with some great content on Disney+ and Netflix in particular. However Apple TV+ is the cheapest of all the main streaming services. Here’s how it compares on cost:

ServiceApple TV+Disney+NetflixAmazon Prime VideoNOW
Cost£8.99 a month£4.99 to £10.99 a month£4.99 to £17.99 a month£5.99 to £8.99 a month£9.99 for Entertainment and £9.99 for Cinema

Of course, the prices above aren’t what I pay when I get these other services, and there are ways to bring the costs down for each of them. For details on how to do this, check out these individual articles.

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9 thoughts on “Apple TV+ deals, offers & free trials (July 2024)

  1. Hi Andy

    Tried to redeem the 3 month offer but apple said that I have reached my limit . ( i have had a free 3 month offer before).
    It looks like it only works for people that have not redeemed offers in the past.


  2. As an existing Apple TV+ subscriber which ends this month I signed up for Curry’s perks. Offer received and when I clicked the ‘redeem Apple TV+ offer’ – the link went straight to my Apple online account (no code) which initially said it would add the 3 months to existing subscription but unfortunately the next box popped up refusing to accept this offer as I am ‘an existing subscriber’.

  3. About the 5 months free via Currys. I ordered something online to pick up. Two days later I received the email from Currys with the Apple TV+ free subscription. In a separate email they also told me my order is ready for pick up and if I don’t collect it within 28 days it will be cancelled and I will be refunded. I will collect it as I actually need the thing but I’m thinking I could redeem my free 5 months Apple TV+, never collect my order and get a refund… I don’t think my subscription would be cancelled.

  4. The Barclays current account offer of 5 months free was supposed to run till 22nd September, but seems to have been withdrawn early.

  5. Apple TV+ 2 months free for new and previous users until 24 August. My Apple TV subscription expires on 16th August, so I am going to try and apply for this after then – see if that works?

  6. Neil Spellings June 1, 2023 at 7:42 am

    The Apple TV two months free offer isn’t for existing’s for “new and returning customers” and doesn’t apply if you’re an existing subscriber

  7. Very Misleading on the 6 months description

    “As long as you’ve not already redeemed an Apple TV+ deal via Currys or Carphone Warehouse you can grab six months free with any purchase between 2 and 29 November 2022”


    “It’s open to new and previous Apple TV+ users. If you currently have a pass you’ll need to cancel it first”

    Which is it

    1. Both. As long as you don’t have a current pass and you haven’t used a free offer from Currys before, you can the six months free via this deal

  8. Barclaycard Apple offer redemption has been extended:

    2. Offer period. This offer is open between 20 August 2021 and 24 September 2022 (extended from 19 July 2022).


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