Andy’s deals of the week 9th April 2020

Your last chance to get 5% on your savings, how to get free and cheap Kindle books, where to find cheap Easter Eggs and more.

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This week’s deals

Nationwide to cut 5% current account

Sadly the last of the high-interest current accounts is about to go. From the start of May new applicants to Nationwide’s FlexDirect will only get 2% for a year – but there’s still time for you to apply and get the full 5%!

As long as you haven’t already had this offer you can open up a new account in the next few weeks and still get 5% for one year on savings up to £2,500. If you have the full amount that’s worth £125 over 12 months. You need to pay in £1,000 every month to get the interest, but that money doesn’t have to stay there – you can pay it straight back into your normal account.

You can only have one solo account per person, but you can have a joint account too, so if you have a partner there’s the potential to open up three of these accounts and get 5% on up to £7,500.

Unfortunately the £100 refer-a-friend programme was paused on Monday so there’s no extra bonus available. However, here’s no need to switch to get the interest – you can just open this up as an extra account for your savings.

Kindle book savings

I’m actually as busy as ever right now, but if you have found you’ve more spare time to read then a Kindle can actually be a cheap way to get new books.

I’ve rounded up here how to get top titles for just 99p every day, how to find free books and tool that’ll let you track price drops on your favourite authors.

Magazine deals including The Big Issue

I’ve had a look at a few different digital magazine offers, including a year-long subscription service for £24 and four issues of Vogue for £1.

However, the deal I’ve signed up for isn’t necessarily a special offer – but I think it’s fantastic value for money. As you’ve probably realised, it’s impossible for sellers of The Big Issue to sell copies, meaning they’re going without vital income.

However you can now buy a three months subscription to get delivered to your home for £32.50, with 50% off the proceeds going to the street vendors.

Easter Egg reductions

Supermarkets and shops are already reducing Easter chocolates, and if you can wait there should be some rich pickings next week as there’s far more left on shelves than normal. Here are a few places to look for savings.

Also, don’t forget most shops will be closed on Sunday.

Get credit from BT Sport

If you pay for BT Sport you can now get credit for two months or choose for that money to be donated to the NHS. There’s also an option to pause it and get three months free later on. Here’s how to do it.

Cheap Night In picks

A very quick rundown of some of the cheap and free films, TV shows, theatre productions and music sets you can watch from home this weekend.



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