Andy’s deals of the week 22nd January 2021

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1. Disney+ / O2 bundle

If you are after a new SIM-only deal and already pay for Disney+, then this combo could work out pretty good.

You’ll get 10GB of data for £10 a month with O2 on a one-year contract. As part of that you’ll also get six months free Disney+, and then £2 off a month after that.

2. £10 off for new Deliveroo customers

If you’ve never used takeaway site Deliveroo you can get a boosted £10 off when you spend £15 on your first order.

3. Supermarket cashback freebies

There are a bundle of free items you can get via cashback apps this week, including kombucha and diet Pepsi. Here’s more on what’s available and how to claim the money back.

4. Samsung S21 at 0%

Nine times out of ten, if not more, getting a new mobile phone in a contract with your data/minutes etc is going to cost you more than buying it outright and going SIM-only.

That’ll be the case with the new Samsung S21 range. But who has £800+ ready to dole out upfront? The good news is you can apply for 0% credit for up to three years, helping you spread the cost out without paying the network for the priviledge.


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