My top “refer-a-friend” offers

Use bespoke codes to give friends a discount and earn you some extra cash or credit.


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Since you’re reading my blog, you’re no doubt already pretty savvy and like to use codes and offers to save some cash when you get the opportunity. You might not have realised it, but some of those codes were likely to be “Refer-a-friend” offers where whoever gave you the code also got a discount.

It’s usually a win-win for you and your mates. If you already use or shop with these companies it’s an easy opportunity to help out your friends and earn you a little extra too.

However, there are a few things to watch for.

  • Some of the rewards you get for referring a friend will have a minimum spend, possibly prompting you to spend money you hadn’t intended to part with
  • These won’t always be the best companies to use, both in terms of price and quality
  • You and your friend might be able to get better discounts a different way

Where to get refer-a-friend bonuses

It’s actually surprising where you can find these schemes. From your physiotherapist through to shops like Habitat and Glasses Direct it’s possible to get discounts for you and your friends.

The key is to check in your apps and accounts to see if there are unique codes for you to share. Or if you want to signup to a new service, see if any mates can refer you.

I’ve listed below the schemes I use, and a few others which could be great to explore. If I can share my code to get you a saving it’s below, then once you’ve signed up you can share your own codes with your friends.

Banking refer-a-friend picks

Nationwide – £100 each

If you bank with Nationwide, you and your friend can both get £100 cash through a referral. The FlexDirect is a decent account too as you can earn 5% interest for the first year. Sadly I can’t share this one on the blog, but if you know me just shout and I’ll send you my code!

Santander – £50 Amazon voucher each

Recommend a mate to switch their bank account to Santander and you’ll both get £50 in Amazon vouchers. There are better switching offers out there for them though. However, existing Santander account holders who are recommended by a friend and move another account over into the Santander one can claim the reward too. This one ends 18th June 2019.

TSB – £75 each

Until 30th June 2019, switch to a TSB Classic Plus account with a referral link and you and your friend will both get £75! You’ll also get 3% interest on savings up to £1,500. Again, if you know me, shout and I’ll send you a link!

American Express – around £25 each

This varies depending on which card you have. With my Amex Platinum Cashback card it’s £25 for both the referrer and the friend, with others it’s Amex or Avios points. Again, this can only be shared with friends and family.

Tandem credit card – £10 Amazon voucher

My back-up cashback credit card for when I can’t use my Amex, Tandem offers 0.5% back on purchase – and new users can get a £10 Amazon voucher using a friend’s referral link. Here’s mine!

Tesco credit card – 1,000 Clubcard points

Tesco offers a similar scheme to earn 1,000 Clubcard points or £10 Tesco gift card each if you refer it’s credit card or insurance policies.

Monzo – £5 each

This bank doesn’t require you to switch your old account over –  you just need to make a transaction with your new debit card. Do that and you both get a fiver.

Chip – 1% boost on your interest

Chip is a savings app where it automatically moves money from your current account to a savings account. I’ve been using it for a few years and it’s a good way to save. The basic interest rate is 1% (though I’ve an exclusive code – CLEVER3 – to start you at 3%), but for every friend you refer, you both get an extra 1% (up to 5%)  It’s available via iOs or Android.

Bill refer-a-friend picks

Sky TV – £75 each

If you get a mate to subscribe to Sky you both get a £75 prepaid Mastercard. Great for you, but they might be able to get a better deal through cashback sites.

Virgin offers £50 each, though your friend will definitely be better off with cashback deals.

Mobiles – up to £40 voucher each

If you get your mobile with Three you can both get a £25 Amazon voucher through its refer-a-friend offer.

O2’s Tell a friend scheme offers £25 in vouchers too, while giffgaff gives you both £5.

Gas and electricity – between £20 and £50 voucher

You can get vouchers or credit if you get a friend to switch their energy supplier, including EDF, Ovo and First Utility. Of course, the key here is to get your friend to compare prices first, and they might get a better cashback deal via sites like CheapEnergyClub.

One that does look good is via Bulb, as you both get £50 which is usually better than cashback rates.

Money saving apps and websites refer-a-friend picks

AirBnB – £23 for you, £34 for them

You can get your friends £25 off their first stay and £9 off an experience, and in return you £23.

Topcashback & Quidco – Up to £20 for you

I’m a big fan of sites like Quidco and Topcashback. The latter is best for referrals as there are sometimes £5 incentives for friends, though most of the time it’s just you who will benefit. Premium members get £7.50 for every friend who signs up and earns £10 in cashback, and there are offers that increase it to £20.

However, new members are usually better off signing up on their own and earning up to £17 of free cash.

Shopmium – Freebies for them, £3 credit for you

This supermarket cashback app gives new users a free bar of chocolate (at the moment it’s Lindt) when they use a refer-a-friend code. In return, you get £3 credit on the app. Frustratingly you can’t cash this out. Instead you get the full cashback when you buy one of the featured products.

> Download Shopmium and get a free Nutella pot (use code KHMYEEFW)


Do you use any other referral schemes? Share them in the comments below

9 thoughts on “My top “refer-a-friend” offers

  1. Does anyone have a Vodafone account please? £25 Amazon voucher each if I use a refer a friend link but need it asap please.

  2. Hi
    Just checking, so I can’t order Sky through Quidco and use the refer a friend code my friend sent me as well? I mean, they’ll only pay out on one

    1. Yes that’s right. Most likely you’ll get the refer a friend money only

  3. Thanks for this

    If anyone is looking to join bulb, Ive got a referral link. Can vouch for them. Smooth switching process and cheap renewable energy. Also have no exit fee.
    £50 for both of us if you use my link

    Ive also got a virgin media referral for £50 credit. If anyones interested, get in touch with me.

    Good luck!

  4. If I open a new nationwide account and I don’t have a bank account to switch, can I still get 100£ with a refer a friend scheme.?
    If yes, can you send me a referral code. Thanks

    1. Hi Aldy, you need to switch an account over to get the £100.

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  7. Andy, this is an amazing roundup and so helpful! I will be sharing. I know that Air bnb aren’t doing their affiliate programme any more, are they still doing refer a friend?


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