How to save money streaming Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film

Some of the best ways to stream The Eras Tour cheaply, or even for free

As Swifties will know all too well, The Eras Tour is dropping on Disney+ in the early hours of the morning on 15 March 2024 and only foolish ones will be paying full price to stream it. Here are some of the best ways to save money watching Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour when it comes to Disney+, including a way of getting Disney+ for free.

What is Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour?

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is a film of her 2023-2024 concert of the same name. It was filmed at three of her concerts at the SoFi Stadium in California and was released in cinemas on 13 October 2023.

The film was later put on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Sky Store and YouTube as a rental, with a few additional songs added.

On 7 February 2024, it was announced that The Eras Tour would be exclusively streamed on Disney+ from March. The film will include the song “cardigan” as well as four acoustic songs previously cut from the film.

How to watch The Eras Tour

At the moment, the only place to watch The Eras Tour is as a rental – though it’s not cheap at £15.99. It’s the “Extended Edition”, so includes the songs Long Live, The Archer and Wildest Dreams, which weren’t in the cinema release. 

But from 15 March 2024, it’ll be available to anyone with Disney+. Subscriptions range from £4.99 to £10.99 a month, though there are various ways to pay less.

Ways to save money on watching Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

There are ways to save on streaming The Eras Tour film on Disney+ — we even have a way to get it for free. Here are the best ways.

Watch it for free with a Club Lloyds account

If you open a Club Lloyds account then you get to choose a benefit. Included in your choices is a 12-month subscription to Disney+ with Ads.

With the concert more than three hours long, this does mean it’s likely to be interrupted by an ad or two, but if you can tolerate it, it’s a great offer. You have to wait a month to get the free subscription, so you won’t be able to watch it on launch day with this offer.

Plus, Lloyds has a switch offer at the moment, which could get you £175 when you move your bank account over to Lloyds, talk about a gold rush.

Get three months for £1.99 per month

Disney is currently running an offer where you can get three months of Disney+ with Ads for £1.99 per month.

This saves you £9 versus full price, so it’s probably the best offer at the moment. You’ll sadly have to deal with ads, though.

After the three months, your subscription will auto-renew at £4.99 per month — be sure to set a reminder to cancel if you don’t plan on paying full price.

You’ll need to sign up by 14 March 2024, which is the day before launch.

Get a year of Disney+ for £38 by stacking cashback

If you prefer to stream without ads using Disney+ Standard, then there’s a way to get a huge discount by combining three different offers. Not everyone will be eligible for each step, so have a read of the terms and conditions of each stage below.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for our newsletter and join Quidco as a new member using the email you’re sent to get £20 bonus cashback. Alternatively you can join TopCashback via our exclusive link and get £20 as a newbie there too.
  2. Activate a cashback offer with a participating bank card (currently it only seems to be via Curve, but check other banks) for 15% off the full price. With Curve this is capped at £11.99. More on this here.
  3. Sign up for Disney+ via Quidco or TopCashback for £10 cashback

This would bring the price of the annual Standard membership down from £79.90 to £37.91.

Bear in mind the rates above can change, so do check when you click through.

Save on Disney+

All the latest offers in our dedicated Disney+ article

Get £5 off per month of Disney+ with O2

If you’re on a pay-monthly refresh tariff or a SIM-only 12 or 18 month contract with O2 then you can add Premium to your mobile plan (so you’ll pay alongside your bill) at £7.99 a month, rather than the usual £10.99.

You’ll also get £2 credited to your bill, effectively meaning you’ll save £5 a month. If you keep it for a full year, then versus the annual Premium plan cost of £109.90, the total saved will be £38.08.

There is a minimum term of six months for this offer, so make sure there’s enough that you want to watch on the platform.

You can get this offer until 30 September 2025 by going to your account on the O2 website. It’s not available for existing Disney+ subscribers but isn’t specifically for new ones, so you could cancel and then sign up through O2 to get the discount.

Pay for a month as you need it

If Disney+ isn’t really your thing, but you want to watch The Eras Tour film, then you could just pay for a month of Disney+ at £7.99, watch the film and cancel.

Here are the price tiers, you can find out the difference between each tier here.

  • Standard with ads: £4.99 per month
  • Standard: £7.99 per month
  • Premium: £10.99 per month (additional concurrent streams and higher video quality)

This still comes in a lot lower than the cost to stream it on Amazon Prime or watch it in the cinema. Plus, you can spend a month binging everything on the service before the month comes to an end.


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