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Clever SiteDon’t you hate it that all your different online bank and credit card accounts require different log ins? To compare you need to have all the windows open and scribble down the amounts. Then find a calculator to add it all together. To be honest I think most people wouldn’t bother.

Which is why I’m a fan of On Trees. There are other similar sites (such as Money Dashboard) and they all do the same thing. Essentially you connect to all your accounts and it shows all the balances in one handy view.

So it’ll tell me how much I have in my current accounts and saving account, plus what I owe on credit cards, then give me a balance.

I can then go into each account to see recent transactions. If you want to, you can interrogate further and sort by the type of spend across all accounts, though I don’t bother with this.

You set up a simple password for the website or a pin for the app to access the data, plus it’s read only so if anyone did get in, they would only be able to see what you have, not transfer it.

That does mean you still need the other accounts to make payments etc, but I like how handy this is to get the big picture.

On Trees App
Displaying the balance on the phone app
Easy pin
The numbers move as you enter them for extra security


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