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About Andy

Hi there. I’m Andy Webb – blogger, journalist and trainer on all things money and consumer.

I’m passionate about not wasting cash and I love the idea that I can help others achieve their dreams. I can get a little evangelical about it all (I do need to rein that in a little!). My blog isn’t about being boring and staying home. It’s not thrift for thrift’s sake.

Whether it’s paying bills, booking a holiday, finding a shopping bargain or helping you understand budgeting better, my blogs are all there so you can make the most of your money. I want to show you that being clever is about not wasting money, knowing the best places for bargains, keeping on top of bills and balances and much more.

I really do live and breathe what I write. If I’ve written about a way to be clever with your cash I’ve done it.

All of it should leave you with extra money in your pocket – what you do with it really depends on your personal relationship with cash. So whether you save it or spend it, I’ll give you tips and tools to make that going even further too!

And I truly believe you can do all this without having to stop living your life!

My money tips elsewhere

Alongside Be Clever With Your Cash, I work two days a week as the senior writer for The Money Advice Service’s blog. I also represent the company as a “money expert” on TV, radio and in print – so you might see my name and face about thanks to that. I’ve appeared on BBC Breakfast (BBC One), Rip Off Britain (BBC One), Right on the Money (BBC One), Channel Five News, You and Yours (Radio 4), Newsbeat (Radio 1), Rip Off Britain Food (BBC One) and dozens of local radio stations. It’s an exciting extra I never expected to be involved in!

>> Watch Andy on BBC One’s Rip Off Britain

I also write the monthly money column for Reader’s Digest and regularly contribute to MoneyWise magazine and Giffgaff money. I pop up most weeks on Share Radio’s morning show, which you can listen to via the player below.

My background

My background is in broadcasting – I’ve worked in TV and online as a journalist, researcher and producer, including the BBC’s Money Programme and the pioneering website  I’m also a volunteer Financial Capability Trainer for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

However, most of my savvy saving experience comes from my day to day life – and some great lessons from my mum!

About Be Clever With Your Cash

Be Clever With Your Cash went live on 24th February 2014. There wasn’t a huge amount on here, and even fewer visitors, but bit by bit it’s grown. The site now receives more than 70,000 hits a month and has reached close to 1.5 million people.

The blog was chosen as Financial Blog of the Year at the 2017 Headlinemoney Awards, and Personal Finance blog of the year at the 2016 UK Money Blogger awards (the “SHOMOS”). Other recognitions include Highly Commended for Best Personal Finance Blog at the 2016 Headlinemoney Awards, rrunner-upfor Moneyblogger of the year at the 2015 Santander Media Awards, and finalist for Best International Personal Finance blog at the 2016 Plutus awards.