Spotify music streaming deals (July 2024)

The latest free trials, vouchers, discounted annual passes and hacks to save money on Spotify.

For me, streaming music is an essential subscription. Whether I’m working or on the train I’m probably listening to my playlists or BBC 6 Music.

The service I like the best is Spotify, and here are ways you can get it for less.

How much does Spotify cost?

Following a price increase in April 2024, Premium prices all went up by £1 or £2, but the new Basic tier introduced in May will revert the cost back:

PlanPremium Monthly priceBasic Monthly price

New Spotify customer deals

A couple of times a year there tends to be a new customer deal offering three months for 99p. When these come about I’ll list them below. Otherwise, new customers can always get one month for free.

4 months free Spotify with Just East

New customers can get four months free via Just Eat until 1 February 2025. You can cancel anytime or pay £11.99 once the free trial ends.

Three months free Spotify via H&M

New subscribers can get three months free if you apply via the free H&M membership.

Head to the H&M app and in the offer section of your H&M account you’ll need to generate a code to trigger the free Spotify trial.

You need to redeem the offer by 11 November 2024.

This isn’t open to current subscribers, and remember to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to pay full price, as it’ll renew at £11.99 per month after three months.

One month free Spotify

If there isn’t an increased offer, when you go direct to Spotify new customers can get usually one month for free. It often applies to the Duo, Student and Family plan too. 

Three months free Spotify with Paypal (expired)

New subscribers can get three months free when signing up via PayPal. It was due to end 15 September 2023, but it’s still listed on the site as working. More here.

Four months free Spotify (expired)

New subscribers can get four months free via this deal from Argos. You’ll need to make an eligible purchase at Argos to get the code – including these £5.99 headphones. You need to redeem the offer by 29 November 2023.

Previous Spotify customer deals

These offers for ex-customers are rare, but still appear from time to time.

Three months for £11.99

This “welcome back” offer usually provides three months for the price of one, though sometimes it’s just two months. It tends to run a two or three times a year, usually April, August and November.

The most recent offer was for those who had a Spotify Premium account but cancelled it before 18 March 2024. They had an email offering you three months for £11.99. You can also log in and see if the offer is displayed in your account.

However, if you’ve used one of these offers in the last 24 months you won’t be eligible this time.

It’s for the individual Premium account only, not Duo, Student or Family. It ends 14 May 2024.

Here are the previous dates from recent offers to give you an idea of when it might return.

  • Mid January – 14 February 2024 (for those who cancelled before 1 Jan 2024)
  • 27 November – 31 December 2022 (for those who cancelled before 27 October 2023)
  • August to 12 September 2023 (for those who cancelled before 16 July 2023)
  • 21 April – 16 May 2023 (for those who cancelled before 19 March 2023)
  • 29 November – 31 December 2022 (for those who cancelled before 28 October 2022)
  • August/September 2022 (for those who cancelled before mid-May 2022)
  • April – 19 May 20222 (for those who cancelled before 14 March 2022)

Existing Spotify customer deals

You don’t need to pay full price for Spotify as an existing customer. Here are my top ways to save.

12 months of Spotify Premium for the price of 8 (ish)

This is a great deal from Currys or Amazon for existing Spotify Premium customers. It’ll cost you £99 rather than £144, so you’ll get almost four months free based on the new prices.

And if you are new to TopCashback or Quico, there’s up to £20 available as cashback if you buy it via Currys. You can join the either site here to get the welcome bonus.

We expect this to increase in price at some point as it’s meant to be 12 months for the price of 10, based on the old £9.99 per month cost.

You can stack this with an existing gift card, or buy one now to add at a later date, though you can’t have more than 18 months of credit on your account at any time. More on that here.

You can it as a digital or physical gift card that is sent in the post. Frustratingly you can’t use gift cards with Family, Duo or Student accounts.

However, if you pay for your Premium account this way you might not get access to the free Spotify Audiobooks allowance.

Downgrade to Spotify Basic

This new, slightly cheaper, version of Spotify started in May 2024. You get everything that Premium offers such as offline listening (downloads) and no-adverts, but you do sacrifice audiobooks. Here’s everything you need to know about Spotify Basic.

Shared Spotify subscription deals

If you live with others who pay for their own Spotify Premium or Spotify Basic you can save cash by combining them via a Duo or Family plan.

Here’s the breakdown per month per person, with annual costs per person in brackets.

Plan1 person2 people3 people4 people5 people6 people
Premium£11.99 (£143.88)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
BasIc£10.99 (£131.88)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Premium Duo£16.99 (£203.88)£8.50 (£101.94)N/AN/AN/AN/A
BasIc Duo£14.99 (£179.88)£7.50 (£89.94)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Premium Family£19.99 (£239.88)£10 (£120)£6.66 (£80)£5 (£60)£4 (£48)£3.33 (£40)
BasIc Family £17.99 (£215.88)£9 (£107.94)£6 (£72)£4.50 (£54)£3.60 (£43.18)£3 (£36)
Monthly cost per person on each plan (annual in brackets)

Spotify Family for £19.99 a month and get six accounts

A decent option if there are three or more of you with your own Spotify accounts. Subscribe to a Family pass and you can pay £19.99 all in. So the more of you, the cheaper it gets. You can share with two people but the Duo option will work out cheaper.

Spotify Duo – £16.99 a month for two

Duo is the best option for two people living at the same address, and this is the one we use.

You’ll pay £16.99 a month for Spotify Duo, so £3 cheaper than the family option (£36ish less a year), or £7 less than two standard Premium accounts (£83.88 total less a year). You will be asked to verify your address.

Save on Tidal, Amazon, Deezer & more

Here are more music streaming free trials and offers if you fancy changing from Spotify.

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