Make The Most Of Your Extra Day

Make The Most Of The Bank Holiday

It’s a Bank Holiday… and it’s probably going to rain. So here are six easy ways to take advantage of your extra day and get some extra cash.

1. Watch Great TV For Nothing

There are so many great drama box sets that it’s impossible to watch them all. But seeing as you’ve an extra day, why not start?

You can get free trials on all three of the major services: Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon Prime. Here are our picks of the best box sets to see on each one.

Now TV: Entertainment Package free for first month, then £4.99

24: Live Another Day (Episodes 1-4 so far)
Mad Men (Series 1-6)
Yonderland (Series 1)
Seinfield (Series 3)

Netflix: Free for first month then £5.99

House Of Cards (Series 1 & 2)
Breaking Bad (Series 1 – 7)
Arrested Development (Series 1 – 4)
Modern Family (Series 1-2)

Amazon Prime Instant Video: Free for 30 days then £5.99 a month

The Walking Dead (Series 1-2)
24 (Series 1-8)
Twin Peaks (Series 1 & 2)
Battlestar Galactica (series 1-4)

2. Save At The Sales

Once again there are lots of promotions over the long weekend. Save at M&S, Gap, Homebase and more. All the codes and links are in our Bank Holiday Deals article.

3. Have a Cheap Drink

If the sun does shine, a cold drink will be very nice indeed. You can get free beers with the Kozel and Match Pint apps, and you can get a litre bottle of Pimms from Morrisons for just a tenner (cheapest elsewhere is £18).

4. Switch Your Bank Account

Banks might be on holiday, but it’s a perfect time to take advantage of the great deals out there at the mo.

Switch your account to First Direct, Halifax, Co-op or M&S and get a £100 bonus. Or if you don’t want to change, open a second account to take advantage of great interest rates that are higher than ISAs.

All the details in our Make Your Bank Account Pay guide.

5. Get A Student Card

You thought that was behind you didn’t you? Well ANYONE can get an NUS card with this legit trick. You just need to sign up for an online course at E-Careers. There’s a deal until Tuesday with Go Groopie that’ll get you a course for £7 (just search for Excel), then the card will be another £12. All the details in our How To Get Student Discounts blog.

6. Make £60 In 5 Minutes

We posted this deal the other week. If you spend £20 on twenty £1 books at Blinkbox Books, you’ll get £20 of Tesco Clubcard points. Spend that at Tesco and you’ve got yourself some free books. But if you double, triple or quadruple them on deals such as train tickets, days out and meals, you could be getting up to £60 for nothing!!

Explained in full, and some £1 books to look out for in our Free Books & Clubcard Points deal post. You can also read out Best Uses of Clubcard Points article to see where you would spend them.


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