Craft beer discounts, deals and vouchers

Save money on beer from the likes of Brewdog, Beer52 and more.

Craft beer is no longer something you have to hunt around or pay over the odds for (though you easily can). Most supermarkets will stock some decent beers that are drinkable and there are subscription clubs and specialist beer shops that are worth checking out too.

We’ve shared how to get cheap craft beer in our article, but this page is dedicated to special offers, sales and vouchers which will help you get already cheaper beers for less, or make rarer and more expensive small-batch beers more affordable.

craft beer deals

Free beer

Poretti: free bottle or pint at a bar

You can get a free 660ml bottle of Poretti from a participating retailer or a free pint from a participating bar until 18 August 2024 or they run out of promotional pints.

The retailers all seem to be supermarkets, with Asda and Waitrose participating. Fewer pubs are offering it, but there are some across the country.

To claim it, you sign up here, then purchase your beer and upload your receipt. You can then get up to £6 back from a pint or £2.75 back from a bottle. You get the money paid into your account within 30 days.

Lucky Saint: free non-alcoholic four-pack

Use this link to claim a pack of non-alcoholic beer worth £6 from Tesco or Sainsbury’s.

You can choose from Lucky Saint’s alcohol-free lager or Hazy IPA. You’ll need to unlock your claim link via SMS or WhatsApp, make your purchase and then request the money back.

The deal ends at 23:59 on 31 July 2024 or when 2,000 unique claims have been made – whichever is sooner.

Free 4-pack of Beavertown (ended)

You can currently get a free four-pack of Beavertown Session IPA. All you’ve got to do is sign up via this link, purchase a pack from Tesco and upload your receipt using the link you’ll have been sent to claim the money back. You can get up to £7 for a 4-pack.

This offer ends on 5 April 2024 or when 6,000 cashback redemptions have been made.

Beer Monster

Beer Monster: Clearance on Brewdog, Northern Monk & more

There are regular offers at the clearance website Beer Monster (from the Discount Dragon company) for craft beers. Often there are Brewdog beers as well as other brands. Though some stock is out of date it’s still fine to drink – though it might not be at it’s peak. Numbers are limited but it’s worth looking. Delivery is free if you spend £35 or more.

For example, in late June 2023, deals included:

  • 48 Brewdog Cake Cartel cans for £25 (BBE 9/2023)
  • 24 Brewdog Lost in Guava cans for £18.99 (BBE 9/2023)
  • 24 Dogma Quasar Black IPA for £14.00 (BBE 2/3/23)


There is a £6.95 delivery charge so you need to buy enough to make it worthwhile, though it’s free if you order a certain amount (roughly 48 cans).

Avoid the staples such as Punk and Elvis Juice as they’re often cheaper in the supermarkets, but it’s a good place to pick up one-offs.

Brewdog loyalty scheme: Free beers

Brewdog has launched Planet Brewdog, a loyalty scheme where you can get rewarded with free beer after certain orders.

For example:

  • Free 4 pack of any Headliner beer on your next order (min £30 spend)
  • Free 4 pack of Punk IPA on next order (min £30 spend) after two orders
  • 10% discount for a week if you order four different core beers

You need to sign up for the scheme and you can find it if you click “my account” on the Brewdog website. You’ll need to activate it to qualify for the first offer, and complete other tasks or make further purchases for other savings.

You should also get a £5 discount on your first order if you sign up via a referral link, though it’s not clear how you get the discount.

Brewdog: Up to 8.4% cashback 

First-time users of the Brewdog online shop can get up to 8.4% cashback on orders via TopCashback. Returning customers will get around 4.5%.

Plus if you’ve never used TopCashback site before you can get an extra new member bonus of up to £15.

Brewdog Plus: £150 bar credit for £99 (expired)

Brewdog’s new paid membership scheme isn’t cheap at £99. But if you visit their bars regularly and shop online you could make a big saving.

As a member you’ll get:

  • £150 worth of vouchers to use at Brewdog bars (sit-in only)
  • Free delivery on orders over £15 (normally £45)
  • Free Grind coffee each day from their bars (sit-in only)

If we assume an average pint is £6 (it could well be more), then you’ll need to buy 25 pints in a year to use all your credit, though to reach £100, and break even, it’s 17 pints. They can also be used on food.

On key caveat is you can only use a maximum of £50 of your voucher on a single day, so you’ll need to go at least three times. Two bars are also excluded: Edinburgh Airport and Heddingly. You can see the full list here.

As long as you can do this, then using the bar vouchers will save you £50, even if you don’t shop online.

Beer 52

Beer52 is a monthly subscription box full of beers and there are always deals out there to save on your first box. Alternatively you can also buy individual beer as you please via an online beer shop.

Also, from time to time Beer52 also offer heavily discounted boxes of beers that are close to or just past the best before date. They’re still good to drink, and I once picked up a fantastic Stone Brewery box with 8 beers for about £12. I’ll add any of these deals I spot below.

Beer52: £5 or £10 off the beer shop

You can use the following codes to get discounts on your beer shop order at Beer52. For £5 off a £25 spend use code BEER52AFFIVE and for £10 off a £35 spend use the code BEER52AFTEN.

Beer52: Free delivery on beer shop purchases

You can choose instead to just get free delivery from the Beer 52 beer shop with the code AFBEERDELIVERY.

Beer52: 10 beers for £10 (expired)

Most of the offers with cheap boxes of beers are for new customers, so if you’ve had a trial before then this deal is pretty good. You will get 10 beers for £10 including delivery. Use the code XMAS10

This does restart your membership, so if you don’t want that to happen you’ll need to cancel before the next box is sent.

Beer52: Free beer box trial (pay £5.95 postage)

If you’ve never used Beer52’s monthly subscription box before then you should be able to get a free box of 8 beers for just the cost of postage (£5.95).

If you don’t want to keep getting beers in subsequent months, which will be charged at the full price, you’ll need to cancel. You can choose to take holidays if you’d rather where you miss the odd month.

Other beer shops

Flavourly: £5 off your first order

Flavourly is another site which offers a subscription or a bottle shop. I’ve not used it myself but they seem to have decent beers listed.

Use the referral code ANDREWFKQ at the checkout the first time you use Flavourly to save £5. You’ll be able to get your own referral code to share with friends too.

BBNo: 12 beers for under £30 (expired)

Groupon is offering 50% off Brew By Numbers’ mixed pack. You get 12 beers for £24 rather than £48, though there’s a £5 delivery charge on top.

Plus, as always with Groupon, there are often voucher codes bringing the cost down further. This is a “local” deal so you’ll need one that covers these.

6 thoughts on “Craft beer discounts, deals and vouchers

  1. The details of the Beavertown deal ending 5 April should say Tesco’s. not Sainsbury’s.

  2. Perhaps mention that the Beavertown Jan 24 promotion is available via Sainsbury’s in England only.

  3. honest brew code doesn’t work, says expired, real waste of time creating an account with them.

    1. Thanks for this. It looks like they’ve changed the offer. I’ve updated it above

  4. I just sat here filling in all the details for the free 8 beers for the price of £5.95 postage and, after I`d done all that, it flashed up to tell me the offer couldn`t be used and I`d still have to pay my £20!

    1. Hi Neil. Have you had a Beer52 membership deal before? It could be the offer is just for new customers. Try their live chat option to see what they say


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