Craft beer advent calendar deals & discounts

Save money on 2021’s festive beer bundles from Honest Brew, Beer52, Brewdog and BeerHawk.

It’s that time of year again when all the big beer sellers are releasing their 24 box bundles of beers.

These aren’t cheap compared to popping to your supermarket and getting the equivalent quantity in beers (more on other beer deals here).

But they can be decent value for trying beers you won’t normally get on the shelves at Asda. I’ve shown the price per beer, though you might want to add a little on top of each of these to factor in one or two you might not like!

With the following there are also ways to get a little off the RRP, which I’ll list below.

Honest Brew Advent Calendar

There’s a decent calendars from Honest Brew. Delivery is free.

Honest Brew: Get up to 20% off

Honest Brew’s calendar is £74.90, but members can save £5 so you’ll pay £69.90 including delivery. Membership is free for the first month, though requires you to add £10 a month to your account after this – but this can be easily paused or cancelled via the online chat function.

And if you’ve not used Honest Brew before you can get £10 off your first order. This brings the price down to £59.90, or £2.50 a beer.

> Get £10 off your first Honest Brew order 

Brewdog Advent Calendar

Brewdog’s advent calendar costs £49.95, including delivery.

Brewdog: Up to 8% cashback & an extra £17 off

You can get up to 10% cashback on orders via Quidco or TopCashback. Plus if you’ve never used the cashback sites before you can get a new member bonus of up to £17. Use both of these and you’ll pay £28.95, or £1.21 a beer,

Shop in the Brewdog shop

Aldi Advent calendar

The option is from Aldi. It’ll cost you £44.99 but there’s £4.95 delivery on top. You also only get 12 different beers, with two of each in the pack. So for the choice of beers you might be better off elsewhere.

Beer 52 Advent Calendar

Beer52 has a single calendar at £79.99. It comes with a beer glass. You can’t combine it with any promo codes.

Beer52: £20 off pre-orders

If you order early you’ll pay just £59.99 for the calendar

Once again if you’ve never used the cashback site Quidco before you can get a new member bonus of £17. This would bring it down to £1.56 a beer.

Beer Hawk Advent Calendar

This is a pricier calendar than most others at £75.65, but BeerHawk claims the beer is worth £85. You get 25 beers with this one, and it works out at £3.03 a beer.

10% off first orders

You used get 10% off your first order if you signed up to the Beer Hawk newsletter. That’s no longer advertised but it’s worth a look if you want this one.

Flavourly Advent Calendar

This one from Flavourly looks decent value at £42.95 including delivery. Flavourly says the RRP is £49.95.

Flavourly: £5 off

You could try using this referral link to get a further fiver off. It’s for new customers only.


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