Cash Chats #173 Pay less for your broadband

This week it’s a solo episode featuring another money makeover, my occassional feature designed to help you save hundreds of pounds on your everyday finances.

The focus today is your broadband bill – an expensive but essential outgoing.

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2 thoughts on “Cash Chats #173 Pay less for your broadband

  1. Hi Andy
    Great what you do here and I always look forward to your emails.
    I left home at 16 and got a 100% mortgage at 19 which I feel very fortunate for . Juggling a mortgage and bills as a singleton from a very young age I learnt very quickly how to be savy with bills ,shopping etc… I am forever comparing and changing all my friends , neighbours , even their friends as I have found loyalty to providers costs a higher price when it should not. I change my insurance supplier every year,I have changed my pay monthly sim from three 8gb @ £10 pm to Lyca mobile 3gb @ £2.50 pm with all mins and texts and 100 international minutes. That price is for first 3 months then I will change again when it goes up end of 3 months.
    I have cut the chord from my cable provider after they bumped up my basic tv and broadband from £34 pm to £68 with no warning to let me know contract has ended and price doubled which caused unexpected bank charges . They would not negotiate any less than £53 which was available to new customers for £30 so I unplugged my box and cancelled both.During my one month leaving period I was offered a better deal to stay at the very last minute but I told sky that it was too late as I was enjoying my television.
    I had in fact opted for a now tv stick with a free month of cinema bought for £15. I cancelled at the end of the free month as per your advice and then got 6 m @ £5 pm. I have as well linked my Samsung ks9000 tv which has twin tuner with free sat built in connected to my dish .I now get hundreds upon hundreds of free channels including many dozens of top movie channels and on demand movies all free and in HD & 4K . I now just pay for broadband only as my tv and dish give me more choices in full quality . I kick myself now because back in 2016 the store told me I would need to pay for cable tv to get the most out of my tv when in fact that is very much the opposite. I would have saved a fortune. Registering with you Andy and Cutting the chord has been the best thing I have ever done.
    Thank you
    Salty sea dog

    1. Hi Salty Sea Dog, this is so good to hear. You are doing a great job and I’m so pleased to have been able to help. Keep on trying to get your friends to switch to a better deal too – that’s how I got into this in the first place.

      Again, I’m really pleased you’ve shared this – you never quite know if people are taking action after reading.


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