Cash Chats #169: Can using Amazon less make a difference?

Find out more about the big ethical issues when it comes to spending with Amazon.

In 2021 I’m cutting out all spending direct with Amazon. There are a few different reasons but worries about the high street and a desire for Amazon (and other big tech) to pay a fair share of tax are right up there.

To explore why these issues matter I’m joined by Rob Harrison from Ethical Consumer to discuss whether a digital sales tax could work, why workers should be worried about using tech to manage them and more.

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2 thoughts on “Cash Chats #169: Can using Amazon less make a difference?

  1. While what you state is valid, surely there can be no argument about what is morally correct? It’s a greed culture. Ive avoided Amazon for years and use sparingly, and only when I’m in a jam, as they are great at what they do. But corporations should own this unfairness, if not via tax then via other charitable donations. Not with the threat of moving to other countries or states if they’re threaten with playing a fairer share. This will only work if people boycott- but it’s not just corporations that are greedy and selfish.

  2. I’m all for 8ncreasinv tax revenue and spending the money on improved services and infrastructure, but why should Amazon, or anybody, pay more tax than they are legally required to pay? It’s governments that should be doing their job properly instead of letting them off so easily because their mates are making money.


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