Cash Chats #130: Are freebies really free?

I’ve very mixed feelings about freebies or heavily discounted trials. On one hand I love them – who wouldn’t, you get something for free.

One the other hand I’m not sure they’re always a good thing. For a start there’s guilt. Guilt that I’m creating unnecessary waste, guilt that I’m taking advantage of someone

And on top of that, there’s also the danger that something that’s free will be costing you down the line. And there are also the freebies which just aren’t worth the time and effort.

So how can you make sure your freebies really are free?

In the latest episode of Cash Chats I’m looking at the things you can do to make sure the freebie doesn’t cost you more than it should.

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One thought on “Cash Chats #130: Are freebies really free?

  1. You say you feel guilt about taking advantage of someone, but you also boast about having 15 bank accounts so you get the free cash they’re taking from people already in financial trouble in punitive charges and fees, so they never get out of debt, which must be the purest form of taking advantage.

    But your real concern is what you call the “danger” that you may end up having to pay something and not get something for nothing.


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