Cash Chats ep 37: #FoodbankAdvent, interest rate rises, iPhone X and posh advent calendars

What you need to know about how you can help food banks this Christmas, the interest rate rise, a few ways to keep the cost of the new iPhone X down, and why I think you’re better off avoiding the posh advent calendars in all the shops.



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Show notes: this week’s links


Interest rate rises

iPhone X

Posh advent calendars

Unusual advent calendars include beauty ones from Amazon (£50) and gin ones (this £100 is at John Lewis). There’s even one that builds into a screwdriver set.

As promised here’s a snap of one of my DIY advents for my wife with Toberlone stars and trees! It’s the thought that counts right?

One of my DIY choc advents - it's the thought that counts right?

4 thoughts on “Cash Chats ep 37: #FoodbankAdvent, interest rate rises, iPhone X and posh advent calendars

  1. You mention the risk that on your return you’ll be stopped in customs if you go to the USA to buy the phone and be charged VAT. What you don’t mention is that doing this without declaring the purchase on your return is actually breaking the law – you also risk having the goods seized and being prosecuted!

  2. My take on iphones and special limited editions of anything is that they are bonkers, and in my humble opinion should be featured on something like “do not be clever with your cash” – no offence Andy 😉

    John T.

  3. It seems pretty difficult to be clever with your cash when you buy an iPhone X – some people have been talking about selling a kidney to buy one! However, its exclusive release means that it may become valuable in the future if you’re able to afford one at this point in time, and take the risk. Of course, selling your old phone makes sense, although the value can depreciate massively. Ultimately, you’re best off weighing up whether you really need that phone; if you do, save up. If not, save your money!

    1. Agreed Sarah. I just can’t justify spending that much on a phone!


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