Cash Chats BONUS: December’s best savings account

Here’s my monthly update on the changes in UK savings in December 2020 and the accounts with the highest interest right now.

Including an update on changes to Chip’s 1.25% paying account, and the best regular savers, fixes and easy access accounts elsewhere.

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4 thoughts on “Cash Chats BONUS: December’s best savings account

  1. Why does it always say read more when I is a webcast?!

    1. **when IT is a webcast

    2. Also disappointed, Andy, I prefer to read rather than watch/listen

      1. Hi Sam, I’m afraid I can’t do all the content in every format so some things are either just written or just audio.

        I’m looking at transcript software but it will depend on the accuracy, cost and time it takes to amend errors as to whether they’re viable.

        These bonus episodes of the podcast all link to a separate article with the latest accounts, so the bulk of the information can be read there.


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