Andy’s money makeover part 3: Cut your broadband bill

Pay less for your internet and landline.

In the latest part of my £1,000 money makeover I’ve looked at broadband and landline bills. 

If you’re still with the same provider as you were 12 months ago then you’re paying more than you need. Plus you could be paying for extras you don’t need or use. 

Follow these steps and you should be able to save hundreds of pounds each year on your internet and phone bill. 

There will another 10 episodes after this helping you get on top of all your finances. You can see the full playlist for my money makeover as videos are added here 

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2 thoughts on “Andy’s money makeover part 3: Cut your broadband bill

  1. Due to problems moving my home phone and broadband from Plusnet to Shell Energy, who say it was plusnet’s fault – the Ombudsman will decide – I no longer have either. But I do have Sky Mobile who give me unlimited calls and texts – I had no inclusive calls with Plusnet – and 2gb data a month which is enough for email, buying and banking. All for £6 a month! Plus you can rollover data for up to 3 years and Sky recently gave 10gb free so I have around 30gb saved from last year. So I am saving the £12 (net of discounts and cashback) a month I was paying to Plusnet. So if you are on a budget for any reason you, especially due to the virus problem, I hope the above may help.

    1. Thanks Ray!


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