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Best credit card offers and promotions

Here’s a new round-up of the best credit cards right now, from the longest 0% balance transfer and purchase cards through to the best cashback, travel and credit building options.

Club Lloyds review

With no switching incentives and interest rates so low, there are fewer reasons to change your bank. One which does still offer something is the Club Lloyds account, which gives you a choice of cinema tickets, movie rentals, magazines or a dining card.

You can also get up to 2% interest, though that will be changing in October, and the account promises other features such the new ability to cancel subscriptions.

I’ve taken a look at whether it’s worth opening this account or not.

£50 cashback with £250 investment

This offer from Natwest Invest will give you £50 back if you invest £250 over four months. Obviously you need to be aware the investment could lose value and there will be fees. Here’s more on how it works.

£16 Brewdog beer and snacks voucher

If you’re thinking of heading back to the pub, then this voucher will save you 44% on beer and food for two at Brewdog’s bars.

Ikea sale now live

Usually the Ikea sale is in-store only, but this one is also available online, so it’s worth a look if you’re not yet up to braving the maze that is an Ikea warehouse.



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