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This exchange rate app let’s you know how much you’re spending abroad.

I’m off to Paris this week (thanks to a competition win back in December) and this clever app is going to be really useful.

Xe is just a currency converter, but what’s great is you can use it offline (make sure you turn off the data on your phone! Read our guide to mobile data and wifi). So when out shopping, rather than getting out a calculator or tying to work it out in your head, just use this app to find out roughly what you’ll be paying in pounds!

How It Works

Once you’ve downloaded it, choose the currencies you’ll need by clicking the add currencies tab in the middle if the screen.

When you tap on a currency, it’ll move it to the top top if the page, and that’ll be the one you enter amounts into.

So if it’s Euros at the top, enter the amount to convert and it’ll show it in whichever currencies you have below.

It’s also available as a website.

It’s Accuracy Depends On How You Get Your Money

The rate is live (or from when you last connected the app to the internet) and doesn’t take into account any commission or card fees you may have paid to get the money. So bear that in mind to give yourself some leeway.

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