Virgin Money Club M account review

The Virgin Money packaged account has a benefit that other packaged accounts don’t have 

Is it worth paying for a bundle of insurance policies? Here’s what you need to know.

What do you get with Virgin Money Club M?

Virgin Money Club M is a paid version of its free M Plus current account costing £12.50 each month. On top of the benefits of the M Plus account, it gets you worldwide family multi-trip travel insurance, breakdown cover and mobile and gadget insurance. You can also get it as a joint account, which means that both people named on the account can use the benefits.

I’m exclusively exploring the paid-for features rather than any of the details of the main bank account.

I’ve also added some estimated values to give you an idea of how much each individual insurance might cost based on a search with a comparison site, although this will depend on other factors, like who you’re insuring and how much cover you need. We’ve also reviewed other packaged bank accounts.

Worldwide family travel insurance

  • Provided by: AIG
  • Estimated value: £130 (not including wedding cover)
  • This is based on quotes we found for a family of four getting a worldwide multi-trip annual insurance policy

You can get worldwide travel insurance for you, your partner and up to four dependants under 18. The cover includes winter sports and golf. It also includes weddings, which is a good extra benefit, but it tends to be a one-off — you’re unlikely to be planning several destination weddings.

It’s not nice getting sick while abroad, especially when there’s a language barrier when trying to speak to a professional. With the insurance, you also get 24-hour access to a nurse while abroad, with the option to speak to a doctor if necessary.

Plus, there’s a concierge service, which can help you with reservations or transfers. This can be helpful, but only if you reckon you’re likely to use it.  

What about pre-existing conditions?

You have to contact AIG to talk through any pre-existing conditions you want covered with your insurance. Virgin claims that some pre-existing conditions may be covered for free, while others may come at a cost to upgrade. 

Family mobile & gadget insurance

  • Provided by: Assurant
  • Estimated value: £330
  • This is based on quotes for five gadgets for a year with the same excess and level of cover

You and your family get mobile and gadget insurance with this account. That means that laptops, cameras and tablets are included as well as phones — something no other packaged bank account offers. 

This covers you for loss, theft and accidental damage worldwide. Your partner or spouse and any other relative living with you are covered on this policy, so it could include dependents that aren’t covered under the travel insurance.

You can only claim on up to two mobiles or gadgets in twelve months and there’s an excess of £75 for phones, £50 for laptops and tablets and £25 for other gadgets. Gadgets need to be five years old or younger to be covered.

UK breakdown cover

  • Provided by: Green Flag
  • Estimated value: £110
  • This is based on quotes we found for personal breakdown cover for one person for a year with the AA.

The account holder gets breakdown cover for the year in the UK and Europe. It covers you whether you’re the driver or a passenger, although personal cover isn’t available in Europe. For electric car owners, you can get recovery to the nearest charging point if you run out of battery.

How it’s different to other options

✅ Travel insurance includes weddings
✅ You also get a concierge service, which can be handy but is unlikely to be used
✅ Gadget insurance covers laptops and tablets as well as your phone
❌ Breakdown cover only covers the account holder
❌ Breakdown cover is UK only

Is Virgin Club M worth it?

Zoe’s analysis

I’d say so — the worldwide family travel insurance is pretty good, especially with access to a doctor and a concierge service, though I’m not sure the latter would be used much in practice. It only covers your children up to age 18, so it’s probably not one for those with older kids staying with them.

It’s great that you can get mobile and gadget insurance for the whole family —  you can’t get additional gadgets like laptops or tablets covered with any of the other packaged accounts, and some don’t offer mobile phone cover for the entire family. 

The breakdown cover only covers the account holder, which isn’t very convenient if more than one person drives your car, and it’s UK only — the Nationwide FlexPlus account is better for this as it covers any cars you own as well as ones you are travelling in.

This is a good price for what you get, but I’d probably still go with the Nationwide account over it. 

Virgin Money Club M

Account nameVirgin Money Club M
Cost£12.50 per month
Annual cost£150
Minimum termNo minimum term
BenefitsWorldwide family travel insurance
Family mobile phone and gadget insurance
UK and European breakdown cover
DrawbacksBreakdown cover only covers the account holder
Joint account available?Yes, at no extra cost


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