Video: how to save money on Uber rides

Uber can be a cheap way to get around a city – but it can also prove expensive with “surge” pricing and a new waiting time.

I don’t use Uber that much, but I know lots of people who just “grab an Uber” rather than consider if there’s a cheaper option. Still I do use it from time to time, and there are a few tricks to make it cost even less.

In this video I share the tricks that can bring down the price of your Uber fare.

Some of the ways to save in the video include

  • Avoiding the new waiting time charge
  • Cancelling before two minutes have passed
  • Using the promo code BECLEVER to save £15 on your first journey
  • Tesco and Barclaycard customer discounts
  • Tricks to beat surge prices
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More about the new Uber waiting time and cancellation charges

From August 22nd 2017 Uber will charge 20p for every minute you leave your driver waiting. And that includes if the car arrives before the ETA provided when you book.

Plus from this date, the time period where you can cancel fee free reduces from five minutes to two minutes.

A new way to save money on Uber

Another change is that you can now convert Tesco Clubcard points into Uber credit. You’ll get three times the value, so 50p in points will give you £1.50.

I’ve tried this and the credit can be used on both Uber rides and Uber Eats food delivery.

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