One thought on “Ulster bank switch offer: Get £200

  1. It looks like I will be likely unable to do anymore bank switches, unless it’s Halifax & the odd other bank. Despite now having a passport as photo ID, trying to do a switch with First Direct, NatWest group, I can’t get past their insistence on uploading the passport & doing the ludicrous face thing onlIne.

    I tried a number of times, one seemed ok, but I eventually get a message saying it was “unacceptable”. It could be my dexterity (due to disability) or something else, but now too stressful.I had to call First Direct to stop the e-mails about “you haven’t completed your ID thing”. If I read one more blurb about having to offset fraud etc. My response was the other banks I did switch from & didn’t insist on this ID online, don’t want people committing fraud either! But when you say that, they just clam up & repeat the mantra.


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