Natwest bank switch offer: Get £200

Plus £34 extra a year and 6.17% savings.

From 15 February 2024, Natwest is offering £200 if you switch bank. And there’s also the opportunity to get another £34ish via linked rewards and £60 interest on top.

Here’s how the offer works and my analysis.

Natwest Bank switch offer

How much can you get for switching to Natwest?

This Natwest switching offer is pretty straightforward. You’ll get a fixed £200 if you meet the conditions outlined below. Though this isn’t the first time you can get this much from the bank, it is is the largest switching deal they’ve ever offered.

You can only get one bonus per person, regardless of whether you have more than one solo or any extra joint accounts. You’ll also only get one payment per joint account, so if two of you want the cash you’re better off opening two new individual accounts.

Who can get the Natwest switching offer?

It’s another deal where new and existing customers can get the free cash. Customers will need to have one of these accounts:

  • Select
  • Foundation
  • Reward
  • Reward Silver
  • Reward Platinum
  • Select Silver
  • Select Platinum
  • Premier Select
  • Black
  • Premier Reward Black

Then you need to use the Current Account Switching Service to move over an account from a different bank (this is only non-Natwest, so an RBS or Ulster account will be fine).

If you don’t have a spare account, then it’s worth considering setting up a dummy current account to use for switching.

What if you’ve previously had switching cash from Natwest group banks?

Existing or previous account holders won’t get the money if you’ve had any cash since January 2020 from switching to any bank in the Natwest Group, which consists of RBS, Ulster Bank or Natwest.

However, this is better than the last iteration of the offer. That had a date of September 2017 – so this later date might mean you can get this offer even if you had switching cash from the group before.

It’s worth noting that in 2023 many readers reported in our Facebook group that they were able to get an offer from each bank in the group, despite the terms saying it wasn’t possible.

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What are the requirements for the Natwest switching offer?

To get the £200 you need to:

  • Open or already have one of the accounts listed above after 20 February 2024
  • Start a full switch via the Current Account Switch Service via the Natwest website or app
  • Switch from a non-Natwest bank
  • Pay in £1,250 within 60 days of switching the account
  • Log in to mobile or app banking within 60 days of switching the account
  • Keep the account open until you’ve had the switching cash

That £1,250 deposit doesn’t need to be in one go, so you can add money across the qualifying period. It can even be the same smaller amount added and then withdrawn so you can add it again. However each single deposit (rather than the total £1,250) needs to be in the account for 24 hours.

Note, the wording suggests that the 60 days begins when the switch completes.

You won’t be eligible if you start the switch in a branch or over the phone. Upgrades to one of the eligible accounts won’t count either – it needs to be an existing account or a new one.

When will the money be paid?

The full £200 will be paid to your account within seven calendar days of meeting the above criteria

When will the offer end?

** Update – we now know the offer ends 2 April 2024 **

There’s no set end date for this promotion, so it could end at any time. I’ll update this article if a date is announced.

Natwest £200 switch summary

Switching bonus£200
Bonus paidWithin 7 Days of completing criteria
Open to existing customersYes
Eligible accountsSelect, Reward, Premier Select or Premier Reward (for new customers, longer list for existing customers)
Requirements Pay in £1,250 within 60 days of switching
Log on to mobile app banking within 60 days of switching
Switch using the Current Account Switch Service and close your old account
You must start the switch from the Natwest website or your mobile app
The old account must be from a different bank
ExclusionsOffer limited to once per person
Cannot have received a switching bonus from RBS, Ulster or Natwest since 1 January 2020
Offer endsApril 2024

Which Natwest account should I choose?

So, you’ve got four accounts to choose from. Let’s ignore the Premier Reward accounts as they’re really only worth considering if you have a high income or, in the case of the Reward Black if you also need travel insurance and breakdown cover. And there are probably better options out there for those types of account.

That leaves either the Select or Reward account. The Select account is free to use and a good choice if you just want to get the bonus.

However if you’ve got a couple of spare Direct Debits, adding them to the Reward account will earn you £4 a month. You’ll get another £1 for using your Natwest app each month. Deduct the £2 a month fee and you’ll earn £3 a month, or £36 a year. It’s not the highest-paying account out there, but worth nabbing if you are going to use Natwest.

You’ll also be able to deposit up to £150 a month (more if you use the round up feature when spending), earning 6.17% in the Digital Regular Saver.

Benefits£5 monthly reward, made up of:
– £4 for having two Direct Debits
– £1 for opening the mobile app each month
Limited cashback with retailers via debit card
InterestAccess to 6.17% (variable) AER Digital Monthly Saver (max £150 a month) Read more
Fee£2 a month
RequirementsTwo active Direct Debits of at least £2 each
Open the app once per month
Multiple accounts?Yes, but you can only claim Rewards once per person
NotesYou need to withdraw your rewards to use them

Is it worth switching to Natwest?

Andy’s analysis

Though I expect a number of you will be ruled out as you got the free cash from previous RBS or Natwest offers, anyone eligible should certainly consider it.

Not only can you get the free switching cash, but you’ll get £36 a year with the Rewards account. You’ll also have access to the Digital Regular Saver which pays 6.17% on £150 a month (max of £5,000 overall), earning you up to £60 in the first year.

It’s also good to see the stricter switch and stay conditions from a few years ago are gone, making it a very easy offer to nab – and then potentially move on from with another switch.

Are there better switching offers

If you’re a repeat bank switcher then you might only be able to pick one or two options, but for complete newbies you’ve got a few choices.

Here’s everything you need to know about all these different bank switching deals.

62 thoughts on “Natwest bank switch offer: Get £200

  1. Do weekend deposits count as 24hrs? I deposited £500 towards the £1250 Friday night, but took the precaution of withdrawal on the following Monday. I only noticed today on the NatWest app that it says it was sorted on the 29th which was Monday, but I withdrew that evening without realising. So does that mean I’ll have to deposit again, an extra time, for it to register?

  2. Dear Andy,
    You updated that the current switch offer will end on 2nd April, but I didn’t see the end date on the NatWest website.
    I am wondering if I do new account and switch application now, whether I will be elgible for the offer.

    1. I’m wondering the same I started the switch April 1st not knowing the end date I hope I still get it as I wouldn’t have switched otherwise

      1. Likewise, I started the switch 27th March and its just completed today (5th April). Fingers crossed

        1. Can someone please confirm? I switched on 29th, completed on 4th. I am paying in the £1250 this week, will I get bonus?

        2. Jennifer Gillespie April 8, 2024 at 12:17 am

          Did you get any update on this? Likewise my switch wasn’t processed until the 5th of April but was started on the 27th of Marh

        3. Keep us posted with what happens. Mine won’t complete until tomorrow apparently but I got confirmation on the 2nd. Hopefully it goes through okay!

        4. Just to let confirm I’ve received the Natwest reward today so should be ok if you started the switching process before the 2nd April deadline.

    2. I initiated the switch on March 30th and have just got the £200 switch bonus.

  3. I just had NatWest and Ulsterbank pay up!! I didn’t try RBS as I thought it wouldn’t work this time around. Might apply now. Easiest £400 I’ve made so far. Thanks for all the tips Andy. I have made £1175 since October 23 just by switching 😮.

  4. Hi all thanks for the article. Very interesting. In order to get the £4 + £1 bonus every month from the reward account do I need to pay in £1250 every month? Or is that just within the first 60 days for the £200 switching incentive?

  5. Is a hard search involved when applying for this deal?

    1. They did a hard search on me.

  6. Please note, from the NatWest website, the Reward Account requires you to pay in £1,250 each month.
    With the Select Account it is only a one off requirement.

    1. Hi Pop
      Are you certain about that? Can you please link to those T&Cs in the NatWest website? I can’t see it anywhere. Many thanks

      1. Hi Danny
        main T&Cs of the current accounts, there’s a section “account specific terms”, and down on p26 in section5:

        5.3 If you open your Reward account from 26 June 2017 onwards, you must pay at least £1,250 in total every calendar month into any personal current account(s) you hold with us (excluding a Foundation account, Basic account or a current account mortgage product). The £1,250 can’t be paid in from a current account or savings account you hold with us.
        If you don’t meet these criteria, we may convert your Reward account to a Select account (which means you’ll stop earning Rewards).


  7. i already have the £1250 in my old current account, which has now been switched over to natwest so in theory does this still class as the £1250 deposit to get the £200 switch incentive

  8. Will I get the £200 switch bonus if I switch to Ulster Bank from RBS?

  9. Hi, will I get this incentive if I switch from an RBS account to NatWest? (Never received a switching bonus before)

  10. I have tried to switch to Nat west to take advantage of the cash incentive, it says I can’t transfer from a joint account so feel like I’m going around in circles any help would be appreciated

    1. They tend not to allow a switch from a joint account into a single one to get the bonus. In fact, joint accounts seem very much excluded from offers like these, IMO.

      One scheme that DOES allow a joint account to switch to a new joint account with them for a switching bonus is Nationwide. I know simply because I have done it. As well as allowing a switch bonus for joint accounts, Nationwide will also let both individuals do a switch from one of their old, unused, personal bank accounts held elsewhere into one of their own oersonal banking accounts.

  11. They didn’t open my account even though my credit score is excellent. No explanation. Meh.

      1. Was this from applying online? They rejected me as well but when I queried it via an email they provided in the rejection email, they then said I could reapply. I did it again by phone and they told me their system had a fault when doing the checks so there was nothing actually wrong with my original application

  12. Dear Andy,

    Do I have to keep the £1250 in the account or can I spend it & still qualify?
    previous rewards received. Thanks for update.

    I really look forward to your reply soon.

    Yours faithfully

    Kind Regards,


    1. hi

      did you find out any answers to this? I also dont want to keep the £1250 in there as ive got a big spend coming up, so it will be going.

      1. It usually just means you need to pay this in but you can still take it out. Someone from a bank told me years ago they only needed to see the incoming transaction and I could technically move it back out after

        1. I believe the cash must be deposited for at least 24 hours

      2. At the bottom of the terms and conditions it says it needs to be in for a minimum of 24 hrs

      3. You only need to keep it in the account 24 hours and then you can move it out

    2. At the bottom of the terms and conditions it says it needs to be in for a minimum of 24 hrs

  13. Hmm it wouldn’t let me switch from my RBS dummy account as when I put the card details in it said it was a NatWest account. How do you get the switch bonus from RBS to NatWest?

  14. Does my salary being paid into the account count towards the £1500 that needs to be paid in to get the bonus? Or do I literally have to deposit the money myself?

  15. Just to clarify, it is a single £1250 payment into the account by 12th December – Christmas is going to be expensive so does that money have to be in the account for a particular ammount of time? Can’t seem to find an answer to that with Natwest,


  16. Hi, does it completely close your other bank account if you switch? As I currently use Monzo and would like to keep it open. Thanks

    1. Sadly yes your old account will be closed. But you could look at opening an account elsewhere that you don’t want to keep, and switch that. More here

  17. They denied me an account cos I have done too many switches already. 🙁

  18. Met all their requirements but no 150 on june 9th been on phone with them for 1 hour they say ive met the req but no ide why i haven’t been paid??

  19. Soooooo, 9th of June is here. Did anyone get their bonus payment? Because we haven’t, but we did receive to the text to say we would?

  20. After pay in £1250, can I move around those money or does it needs to stay there untill reward paid? Thanks

  21. Used to have a natwest acc,can’t remember if I got an incentive or not. Can’t find acc details,how do I find out if I’m eligible or not

    1. Hmm, hard to say. You could try contacting them?

      1. Dear Andy,

        Thanks for update.

        I really look forward to your reply,

        Many thanks 🙏

  22. Once I have received the £150 from Natwest can I switch straight after or do you have to stay with them for a certain amount of time?

    1. This latest offer doesn’t require you to stay once you have the cash, but always check terms and conditions in case deals change

  23. Hi Andy,

    pretty new in this things… when you say switch… what is it involved in it? Change your salary account? close your previous account…?

    1. Can i deposit lets say 100. Then withdraw then deposit again same amount until it totals to 1200. Whilst just initially having 100

      1. Yep. It doesn’t have to be in one go

  24. NatWest biggest conn going. Switch over in November had £1500 in account by 13th January. Yet now told wont get reward as I opened the wrong account. Never said anything about this when I spoke to them in branch 3 times about the switch and never said anything when I phoned them twice about the switch between Dec and Feb this year.

    1. Dear Andy,,,

      Thank you for your Reply,

      Once I have received the 02/11/2022-?-£175 from Natwest can I switch straight after or do you have to stay with them for a certain amount of time?

      I look forward to your reply.

      Yours faithfully

      Kind Regards,


    2. Dear Andy,,,

      Thank you for your Reply,

      Once I have received the £175 from Natwest can I switch straight after or do you have to stay with them for a certain amount of time?

      I look forward to your reply.
      Yours faithfully

      Kind Regards,


  25. I switched from natwest current to natwest reward and had 1.500 paid into my account does this mean I qualify or do I have to go to a complete utter bank to qualify which I don’t want to do.

    1. Hi Jess, sadly yes it needs to be another bank you switch from.

  26. Can you get the £150 switch bonus by opening a new Select account and switch in from elsewhere if you already claimed free cash from their student account offer in October 2021?

    1. Hmm, maybe. The terms and conditions say “not have previously received or participated in any other incentive for switching to any of our accounts or any account with cahoot or Cater Allen which are part of Santander UK plc”. Since the student account wasn’t a switch then in theory you should get it. Worth calling up to check.

    2. Hi I had a similar experience. “Last year”offer conditions I thought stated that I would still receive an £100 award not withstanding having received an award for a previous Nat West Bank bank transfer post October 2017. Was this incorrect? In your explanation of condition of award you don’t mention previous rewards received. Thanks for update.

      1. Sadly that’s a very clear condition for this offer. It’s possible the date will move, so it’s worth keeping track of when you switched so you’ll know if you’re eligible in the future.

  27. NatWest – Do I need to transfer DDs?

    1. Do I have to keep the £1250 in the account or can I spend it & still qualify?

      1. Don’t have to keep it there.


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