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Clever Site: Uber cheap taxisIf you are looking for a cheap taxi or private car in London, Leeds or Manchester, there are plenty of new apps out there which promise to find you a nearby car at a decent rate.

UBER is one of these, and we’ve an offer for £10 free credit for your first journey via this link. Read all about the app below.

I don’t normally get cabs but last weekend we were at friends and would have had to rush off to get the last train. So we decided to see how the different apps worked out. I got a quote from Addison Lee – the big firm in London – and it came in at £45. UBER’s was more vague – between £33 and £38, but I also had £25 promo credit so we were looking at a max of £13.

To book, you have a few choices of car. The cheapest is uberX, but you can also have UberXL, EXEC and LUX. Plus you might be able to pick up a black cab too. Make sure you slide the little bar at the bottom across to the far left to select the uberX. It was a pretty big car and very new, so who knows what the other levels are like!

You need to pre-register your card or Paypal details to pay – there’s no cash option. You’ll be charged once the journey is complete.

UberOnce you’re all set up, go to the app and select your pick up and drop off locations. It’ll tell you how long until a car will be ready. There’s no way to book in advance – it’s basically the nearest cab in your area will start heading to you. You’ll get text confirmations, the name and a picture of your driver, and you can see on the app’s map where the car is in real time.

It was all really easy. The journey was fine and in the end it only costed £30 – with our credit we paid just £5. So it’s well worth downloading to have as a back up if you need it!

To get the app, just download it for free from your app store. To get the free £10 credit you need to create an account via this link. You should see the voucher code 5ngkw already entered.

It’s only valid in London, Leeds and Manchester in the UK right now.


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