Theatre Deals: Let The Right One In, Punchdrunk, I Can’t Sing


West End theatre can be expensive, so to coincide with our new guide to help you get cheap theatre tickets, we’ve found three really good offers on three good shows.

Let The Right One In

£15 was £39
Cheap London Theatre
Living Social are offering a £24.50 saving on tickets to this really well received film adaptation.

The deal is valid for performances Monday to Friday until May 23rd.

If you choose to go through Topcashback, you’ll get up to an additional 4.2% off. Sign up here or read our Clever Site guide to how it works first.

Or just get tickets here.

Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man

£35 was up to £55
Cheap PunchdrunkThis interactive production is a partnership between the Punchdrunk theatre company and The National. It won’t be for everyone but if you like something different it’s worth a go. Prices have been high since it started, so’s offer is a great chance to see it if you previously couldn’t afford it.

It saves £20 on Saturday late performances and £12.50 on Friday late and Sunday shows. You’ll only save £2.50 on other days and times.

The offer is for shows until May 31st except May 10th.

Again, go through Topcashback, you’ll get up to an additional 6.2% off.

Or buy direct from

I Can’t Sing

£35 was £75
I Can't Sing offer
Harry Hill wrote this X-Factor based musical and reviews have been good. However crowds haven’t taken to it, so it’s closing after just two months. You can get a top price ticket half price and pay no fees through Theatre Monkey (read our Clever Site guide on them – they’re great).

The offer is for Monday to Friday shows until May 9th, but the chance to buy ends on May 6th.

Buy tickets here.


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