Proof it takes just 10 minutes to switch energy supplier and save hundreds of pounds

Think you’re too busy to switch energy? Think it’s far too complicated? Well, you’re wrong. I’ve just switched my gas and electricity and it took just 10 minutes!

I last switched and fixed a year ago for 13 months, which meant my bills were about to rocket if I didn’t do the same again before that time was up.

This is because when a fix ends you are automatically moved to the supplier’s “Standard Variable Rate” – usually the most expensive tariff. Ofgem, the government’s energy regulator, says this can cost an average of £300 more!

You’re probably thinking the switch was quick because I’m a money expert. Wrong! It can be this quick for anyone.

Don’t believe it only takes 10 minutes? Watch my video

To prove just how quick and easy it is to switch I made a video as I went through the process. I ended up talking more than I expected (I shouldn’t be surprised) so there are a few cuts, but I’ve left in all the bits when I’m actually doing something – and it took less than 10 minutes!

TEN minutes. You probably spend that deciding what shirt to wear in the morning. Or looking at pictures of cats on the Internet.

The full version is at the bottom of the page, but I’ve broken up the step-by-step switch for you to follow. Here’s the super cut-down/fast-forward version if you’re short of time.

How to switch energy in 10 minutes

Step one: Put details in a comparison sites

Grab your last bill first. The most recent one should have the name of the current tariff you’re on and also the estimated or actual energy use in the last 12 months. That’s all you need.

I only use Martin Lewis’s Cheap Energy Club comparison site as it’s the only one I know of which gives a comparison to what you currently pay – really important if you’re comparing half-way through a fixed deal.

>> Read more about why I think you need to be really careful when using other energy comparison sites

Time taken to put details into comparison site:

  • 2 minutes to find my bills and open up the comparison site
  • 2 minutes to fill in the required information in and press find results.
  • 1 minute talking on video about stuff!

Step two: Check the results

It took less than a minute for the results to appear. You can spend ages looking trough them, but you can probably pick from the top five.

I’ll always avoid NPower after my nightmare with them a few years ago, and I’ll also check out the customer survey results which Cheap Energy Club has sourced from Money Saving Expert readers and includes in the results.

There are plenty of new companies undercutting the big six so it’s worth considering them, but this time I chose the third option which was EDF. The saving over the next year is estimated at £276, plus I’ll get £30 cashback on top!

This took just minutes to scan through and choose!

Time taken to check the comparison site results:

  • 2 minutes to look through the results
>> Read more about fixing energy

Step three: Make the switch

Once you’ve chosen the new tariff, you simply click to start the switch.

On Cheap Energy Club it took me another couple of minutes. Most of the information was carried over step one, and I simply needed to add thinks like bank details.

Once you hit submit you’ve 14 days to change your mind, then the switch should happen in three days.

Time taken to make the switch:

  • 2 minutes to enter a few more details and press submit

The easiest money you’ll ever make in 10 minutes

So in ten minutes I saved £276. It wasn’t complicated, it wasn’t too much hassle. It’s probably the easiest money you will ever make for such as short amount of time.

Are you really getting the best deal with comparison sites?

The quick answer is possibly not. It looks like finding the very cheapest deal is going to get a lot more difficult soon.

There are changes coming soon which will allow energy providers to offer more tariffs (they’re currently limited to six), including exclusive deals for different comparisons sites and new customers.

You could check direct with all the other energy companies and different comparison sites, but I can’t imagine you’ll find a substantially better deal – and I don’t think the time taken to do this makes much sense.

Full 10 minute energy switching video: 

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