Why you need to break up with your bank

How long have you been with your bank? Probably since school or university yeah? Well it’s time to move on. It’s been four years since moving banks became easier, faster… and profitable.

You could be hundreds of pounds better off by breaking up with your bank thanks to cash rewards, switching bonuses, cashback and high interest. I’ve lost count how much I’ve made, but I know a year ago I was already £2,300 up!

My latest Vlog explains why you should be moving on.

How to find the best bank deal

I’ve a guide to the best switching bonuses, cashback and in account interest so check that out to see the latest offers.

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How to switch bank

If you’re going to switch bank you should look for the Current Account Switching Guarantee. This will move all your money and payments both in and out to the new account. You’ll also be guaranteed the money back of something goes wrong and payments are missed. However, you do need to close your old account if you switch this way.

Opening multiple current accounts

As I said in the video, you don’t have to switch to get all the incentives. You may however have to pay in a certain amount of money each month, or have some Direct Debits set up, or both! You’ll also be credit checked to open each account. But you can do it, you just need to make sure you keep an eye on them all.

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