National Art Pass deals and offers

This card gives you free or reduced entry to galleries and museums.

If you’re an art or museum lover you’ll know it can be expensive to see all the major exhibitions, especially in London. The National Art Pass is a pretty good way to indulge your hobby for less.

How much is a National Art Pass?

It’ll cost you £79 for the year, reduced to £59.25 if you pay by Direct Debit. Buy a Double membership and it’s £118 a year or £88.50 via Direct Debit.

Is it any good?

The bigger galleries and museums will probably offer you 50% off with the pass, while smaller ones might give you free entry.

I’ve had one before and didn’t quite use it enough. But if you frequently visit galleries and museums, it’s well worth considering.

Where can you use it?

There are hundred of places – from the National Gallery to Tate Liverpool to HMS Belfast. You can search for your favourites or places near you on the National Art Pass website.

National Art Pass deals

3 months for £15

It’s unusual to get a pass for less than a year, so if you want to try it out, or just have it for the summer, this offer is a good option.

You’ll pay £15 and get a three-month pass. You can add a plus one for £5.

The deal expires on 30 June 2024, so be quick.

Under 30s discount

If you’re aged under 30 years old you can get an annual pass for £48. (Or £36 if you pay by Direct Debit).

You can buy this at any time before you hit 30. So if you’re 29 and your birthday is tomorrow you’ll still get the full discounted membership for a year.

Student Art Pass for £10

Every summer, for a limited time, students can usually buy an annual pass for a discount. In 2024 you can get it for £10.

You need to be over 18 and studying full-time at a UK university or college. You’ll need to prove your eligibility with a uni email address.

If you’re not able to get one at the moment, you can enter your details to be notified when you’ll be able to buy one.

4 thoughts on “National Art Pass deals and offers

  1. Hi Andy. Art fund trial pass appears to have expired- page no longer active:(

  2. Hi Andy
    Great tips! But when I clicked through your link for the 3 months for £15 Art Pass Trial, it took me to a page that only offers a 3-months free trial for London Sites in the Art Pass – see Are you able to supply a link that gives 3 months for £15 for all Art Pass sites, not just for London? If so, please share!

    Thanks heaps

    1. It’ll work for all listed venues, it’s just a targetted advert for London.

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