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The best John Lewis discounts and sales.

If I spot any standout John Lewis offers or discount codes I’ll share them on this page.

John Lewis codes and discounts

Earn Nectar points from John Lewis

Here’s a hack to ultimately earn Nectar points from John Lewis.

To do this you’ll need to first go to TopCashback and search for John Lewis. You’ll see that unlike most other cashback offers the payout is only in Avios points. The rate is 2% on most purchases.

Each penny of cashback earned is worth one Avios point, and there’s a 5% bonus added on top. So £1 will get you 105 Avios. You can also cashout other cashback payments you earn as Avios if you want.

Once you earn 250 Avios points, you can switch them to Nectar points. This will convert to 400 Nectar points, worth £2.

This does mean you’re getting a slightly worse return than if you took TopCashback payouts as cash, but if you’re just earning them on John Lewis purchases it’s better than nothing.

Here’s more on the best ways to earn Nectar points.

My John Lewis rewards

Members of the My John Lewis scheme might have had some vouchers in the post or on their online account with discount codes.

They change frequently, and not all customers will get the same offers – so it’s always worth a look. I’ll share any decent ones here when I hear about them.

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Tricks to save money at John Lewis

Price matching at John Lewis

You can price match before and up to 30-days after your purchase at John Lewis. Here’s my guide to how it works.