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The best John Lewis discounts and sales.

If I spot any standout John Lewis offers or discount codes I’ll share them on this page.

John Lewis codes and discounts

£20 voucher with credit card application

Apply and get accepted for the John Lewis Partnership credit card before the 31st January and you’ll be eligible for two offers.

First, a free £20 voucher if you spend £250 in the first 90 days. That should be easy for those who do their grocery shop at Waitrose and works out as just under £20 a week.

Second, if you are also signed up to My John Lewis, you’ll earn double points at John Lewis and Waitrose in the same time period, effectively giving you 2.5% back for every £1 you spend.

More on the card in my guide to the best reward credit cards.

My John Lewis rewards

Members of the My John Lewis scheme might have had some vouchers in the post or on their online account with discount codes.

They change frequently, and not all customers will get the same offers – so it’s always worth a look. I’ll share any decent ones here when I hear about them.

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Tricks to save money at John Lewis

Price matching at John Lewis

You can price match before and up to 30-days after your purchase at John Lewis. Here’s my guide to how it works.

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