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Hotel deals Amazon voucher when booking

The newspaper Metro is running an offer in June 2022 where you’ll get a decent Amazon voucher back if you book a hotel at via them.

The vouchers are:

  • £25 voucher with a £100 spend
  • £45 voucher with a £200 spend
  • £55 voucher with a £300 spend
  • £100 voucher with a £650 spend

You won’t be able to combined this with other voucher codes or cashback, and close any other windows before clicking from Metro.

Travelodge: 50% off cheapest night (expired)

This sale is for bookings until 30 March 2022. You’ll get 50% off the cheapest night if you stay two or more nights. It’s 10% off if you only stay one night. Booking ends 5pm 4 Jan 2022. As ever with Travelodge deals there are exclusions on some dates.


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