Video: How to get free or cheap tap water when out and about

It’s been so hot recently so I’ve made sure I’ve got a bottle of water on hand to help cool down – but what happens when it runs out? Well you could spend £1 plus from places like Pret, or you could follow one of these tricks to cut your spend. Plus, the laws on free tap water in pubs and restaurants.

Plus here’s my write up from 2015 of They no longer run their app or Twitter feed, so I don’t know how accurate the map is – but it’s worth having a look.


One thought on “Video: How to get free or cheap tap water when out and about

  1. Hi Andy,

    why is it you think that a disposable plastic bottle is more likely to be a germs hazard than any other plastic or glass reusable container?
    The only difference between a disposable and reusable bottle is the thickness of the material and none more likely than the other to harbour germs.

    Fill it with a little water, shake it and pour it out. Then refill the bottle. Job done 🙂


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