Get a MacBook Air for £618 – save £231 with this deal!

Combine deals from PC World/Currys, O2 Priority and Topcashback to get a cheap(ish) new Apple laptop.

It’s rare to get a decent discount on Apple products. Students and some people with work discounts can get up to 14% off some things, but that’s about it. So this chance to save almost double that (27%) on a 13″ MacBook Air is a fantastic deal.

There are three steps to get this price, and it will take three days.

** A quick note of caution, there is a little risk involved here to get the lowest price so you might want to skip step three **

1. Reserve the MacBook at Currys or PC World

Amazon, John Lewis and Currys have reduced the 13.3″ MacBook Air by £150 to £699 (rrp £849). Now this model came out a year ago and has been slightly upgraded this month to make it a little faster, hence the price cut – but if you’re after a Mac, this is  a good price.

To get the further discounts you need to click to reserve and collect at Currys or PC World. It’ll be held until the end of the next working day.

This price is a decent saving already, but it gets better.

>> Reserve your MacBook Air at Currys


2. Get a Curry’s discount with O2

Anyone with an O2 sim can get an extra £50 off! Here’s how to get one for a quid if your phone is unlocked. If not, ask a mate if they’ll let you use their code.

To find the code you need the O2 Priority Moments app. You’ll see a code giving £50 off when you spend £500. Once you’re in the shop you activate the code to get the extra discount.

This brings the price down to £649, saving £200.

3. Buy discounted Currys / PC World gift cards

If you join Topcashback you can get 5% off giftcards.

Since new cards are normally sent by post, I think it’s best to buy a card from the shop first  (you should be able to get one for £10) and then get it topped up via Topcashback. This makes it a quicker turnaround so stock doesn’t sell out leaving you with an expensive giftcard.

So if you buy £640 worth, that’s £32 you’ll get back.

Topcashback say they’ll process the top up the next working day, and it should be ready by 9am the day after. Though order before 9am and it should be ready the next day.

>> Register with Topcashback

>> Save 5% on a Currys gift card


Quickest way to do it

If you can, buy the Currys gift card for £10 on day one. Before 9am on day two, reserve for collection on the Currys website, then order the £640 gift card top up . That means on day three you should be able to pick up your new MacBook Air!

How to save even more

To get even more off, see if your workplace has a deal on gift cards. I get Bupa through my work and they offer 7% on Currys/PC World cards. That’s worth an extra £13, bringing the total cost down to £607.




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