Get 50% off Domino’s Pizza every time

Here’s a great trick for a half-price pizzas voucher code at Domino’s every day of the week in London and Yorkshire.

Takeaways aren’t great for your waist or your wallet, even when you’re using a voucher code. But there’s no reason they shouldn’t be an occasional treat. And when they are it obviously helps to pay as little as possible.

On the rare occasions we do order in, I prefer Domino’s to Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, going with my create your own choice of meatballs, pineapple and jalapenos (give it a try). But you’re looking at £19.99 for a large – stupid money. But I’ll never pay this.

You can search for Domino’s vouchers and offers online, and often you’ll find most of the deals listed on the local takeaway’s website (or on a junk mail menu). Some days you’ll be able to pick up close to half-price pizzas, such as the “Two for Tuesday”, though often 50% offers have minimum orders of £50 or even £100.

However I’ve just found a trick that’ll get you half price with a minimum spend of £20 or £30. It’s only for London or Yorkshire, but that’s still a huge number of you reading. If you’re outside those areas, scroll to the bottom for tips on finding the best Domino’s offers and vouchers.

How it works

1. Get a Tastecard

You’ll probably be familiar with Tastecard. It’s a membership that offers 2-4-1 discounts at restaurants, from your local to nationwide chains. It turns out it also has an offer for Domino’s in parts of the UK.

You can get a free trial of Tastecard, normally for 30 days, or you can sometimes find longer ones lasting 60 or 90 days for a quid.

After this you’re looking at £30 to £35 for a year, depending on the offer you find. Now you’ll make that money back if you go out for two meals, but you shouldn’t shell out if you don’t think you will. I’ve written more about Tastecard and the latest deals here.

2. Search for your Domino’s

You’ll likely get a digital membership for Tastecard, giving you access to a card via your phone. You can see participating restaurants via the website or app.

As I said this offer is only for London and Yorkshire, but enter your postcode and you’ll see if your local takeaway is included.

3. Get your Domino’s code

Once you’ve got your local restaurant you’ll be able to claim your 50% off code. Simply enter this at checkout on the Domino’s website.

The minimum spend is only £20 in Yorkshire and £30 in London – far lower than most other deals. Frustratingly a large pizza will cost £19.99 at most, so you can either add a topping to get you over the £20, or the cheapest option is to buy a 40p sauce.

You can’t use it on meal deals to get a double discount, and London excludes ice cream, drinks and 14 or 21 sized chicken sides. The only other exclusion I could find was in some London locations where you can’t use the code in December. But that’s it – so enjoy your pizza!

Save at Domino’s elsewhere in the UK

Sadly this trick is only for London and Yorkshire, so how do you save in the rest of the country?

Well Domino’s are actually a franchise so each area will have its own offers. Which means you’ll have to do a little research.

You might find the best offers on the Domino’s website, so always check there first. If they are lacking then you can check online for different codes and vouchers, though this can be frustrating.

Before I found the Tastecard trick, I would use a tool made by my mates Deepak and Tom rather than a random Google search. Enter your postcode into their Domino’s voucher finder and you’ll find all the codes which work at your local. They might not all work, but they’re worth a go.

Free Tastecard & Gourmet Society trials & offers (May 2021)


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