Finance app and fintech offers

Try out new apps to help you and your finances and also get a free money bonus or voucher when you do.

I love trying out new apps that help me track my spending, put money into savings or earn me interest. Often they’ll also come with a welcome or referral offer, and I’ll share these and any other decent ones below.


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Banking app offers

HyperJar: Up to 1.5% cashback

New users of the HyperJar app can earn up to £200 a month if they sign up before 28 February 2024.

You’ll get 1% back on the first £500 you spend each month, then 1.5% on spending above this, capped at £200 each month.

So if you spend £1,000 a month you’ll get £5 from the first £500 and £7.50 from the second.

Most of your spending will count, but there are some exclusions, including paying off credit cards, Council Tax, utilities, gambling and tax bills. Also excluded are buying gift cards via HyperJar.

The cashback will last until 28 August 2024 so you’ve potentially seven months to earn the cashback. You’ll get your money 30 days after each month. So spend in February and you’ll get the money at the start of April, and so on.

The HyperJar account is free so it won’t cost you anything to spend via the debit card.

You cannot be a current or previous customer of HyperJar to get the offer.

Tide business: Earn £75

Sole traders and limited companies that open a brand new Tide account are eligible for a £75 welcome bonus. You’ll need to enter the code REFORM when you apply. Then once accepted, spend £300 on the debit card in the first three months.

The £75 will be credited to your account within eight weeks of meeting the criteria. You might be asked to prove you are running a business.

Monzo: £5 welcome bonus

New users of digital bank Monzo can get £5 credited to their account if they sign up via a refer-a-friend link and make a card payment in 30 days.

You’ll need to ask a friend for a link. Make sure the landing page when you follow a link explicitly says you’ll earn £5.

Here’s our full review of the bank.

Chip: Up to £50 welcome offer & 4.84% interest

Sign up for savings app Chip via this link and use the codes below to earn a bonus once you’ve saved at least £5,000 in the Instant Access account for 180 days (six months).

The size of the bonus is dependent on how much you deposit:

  • £10 bonus when you deposit £5,000 and enter the code CLEVER5K
  • £30 bonus when you deposit £10,000 and enter the code CLEVER10K
  • £40 bonus when you deposit £15,000 and enter the code CLEVER15K
  • £50 bonus when you deposit £20,000 and enter the code CLEVER20K

You can add the deposit in stages but it must reach the account by the end of the month.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, you can enter the promo code in the “Promos & Referrals” button via the profile tab. Then add the money.

Obviously if you need to access the cash you won’t get the bonus. It’s also worth comparing six month fix rates to see if these will earn you more in that period (though don’t forget to factor in the bonus).

At the moment the offer ends 1 March 2024 but could be extended.

The account, held with ClearBank, also pays an interest rate of 4.84%

Money data offers

YouGov Finance: £50 for sharing banking data

Sign up for pollster and survey company YouGov’s Finance feature and you’ll get 500 points for every current account or credit card you link, and 100 for every savings account. You can renew the link after 90 days to get the points again for the same accounts.

It’ll take 48 hours for the points to reach your account. Once you reach 5,000 points you’ll be able to trade them in for £50 cash or a voucher at the likes of Amazon, Asda or John Lewis.

You can link a maximum of 10 accounts. If you’ve previouly added more than this you’ll need to delete some of them to add more.

I used my mobile browser to connect bank accounts as it uses your banking app authentication this way. Banks listed are:

  • Amex
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Barclays
  • Barclaycard
  • Captial One
  • Chelsea Building Society
  • Danske Bank
  • First Direct
  • Halifax
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds
  • MBNA
  • M&S Bank
  • Monzo
  • Nationwide
  • Natwest
  • Revolute
  • Santander
  • Starling
  • Tesco Bank
  • Tide
  • TSB
  • Ulster Bank
  • Virgin Money
  • Wise
  • Yorkshire Buiding Society

You can earn additional points by filling in questionnaires and surveys. Thanks to Emily for sharing this offer first in the Be Clever With Your Cash Facebook Group

Unbanx: £3 for sharing bank data

Not as lucrative, but you can also make some cash sharing bank data via Unbanx.

You’ll get 150 points if you join via a referral link, and another 110 per month for your connected account.

You’ll need 492 points to claim £3 and 820 points to get a fiver, so it could take you four months to get than minimum payout.

There’s more on other money making apps here.

Money app welcome offers

Snoop: £5 Amazon Voucher

Snoop is an app to help you track your spending. It also analyses your bank data to suggest ways you can save money. Right now there’s an offer to get a £5 Amazon voucher.

You must go via the link below for the offer to track.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up you need to connect a bank or credit card account and stay connected until the end of the following month. Do this and the voucher will be sent.

Sprive: £5 welcome bonus

Sprive is an auto savings app (more on how these work here) where the money moved from your current account goes towards your mortgage rather than a savings pot. The idea is you’ll slowly make overpayments that’ll get you mortgage-free faster.

The standard referral offer is £5 (it’s occasionally doubled to £10). You’ll need to sign up with a code (such as 5NN3KXFL) and set up a Direct Debit linked to your bank account.

The bonus can only go towards your mortgage – so sadly if you’re not a homeowner this won’t be one for you.

Twig: £5 welcome bonus

The app Twig will give you an offer on tech and clothes you want to sell, and if you cash out you can use the earnings to spend via a dedicated Visa debit card.

If you join with the code adwebb1 and register for a card you’ll get £4, and another £1 when you complete your first payout.

The best deals

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Expired offers

Barclays: Get 5% back when you use Google Pay (expired)

If you have a Barclays card and an Android device, you can get 5% cashback on your spending when you use Google Pay to make payments.

This offer runs until 30 September 2023 and you can receive a total of £10 in cashback. That means you’ll need to spend £200 to get the full amount back to your account.

You might not be eligible if you’ve already added your card to Google Pay. Full terms here.

Curve: £15 when you spend £10 for selected customers (ended)

Some Curve customers have received an email from Curve offering £15 in cashback when you spend £10 on your Curve card before 25 December 2023.

We think this might be an attempt to entice back customers who haven’t used Curve in a while. If you check your emails, you’ll have one with the subject “Don’t miss out on £15 for free” if you’re eligible for this offer.

All you have to do is spend £10 with your Curve card before Christmas Day to get it.

Revolut: Free £10 and three months Premium (expired)

You can get a £10 free credit from Revolut when you join for the first time via this link and access to one month’s free Premium.

To get the tenner you need to top up your account from another bank and then spend at least £1 on the card.

You’ll have to pay if you want a physical card so I wouldn’t bother. There’s a virtual card you can use straight away from the app or add to your phone’s wallet.

You don’t have to take the one-month free Premium but if you do it has to be within 72 hours of signing up. If you don’t want to continue with Premium once the initial month you can easily downgrade in the app. Don’t forget or you’ll pay £6.99 a month. If you ordered the card you’ll have to pay for it, so again, don’t do this unless you’re going to stick with Premium.

Ends 11 November 2022. Full terms and conditions are available when you click through.

Chase Bank: £20 welcome bonus (ended)

The new £20 referral scheme began on 11 May 2022. You do not need to switch. Here’s more on how it works, and how to refer your friends (earning up to £400).

Welcome bonus£20
Bonus paidUnknown
Open to existing customersNo
RequirementsUse the referral code iJLxpV8Q or one from a friend
Pay in £20 within 30 days of opening the account
ExclusionsNot already have or had a Chase Bank current account
Offer limited to once per person
Offer endsUnknown

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19 thoughts on “Finance app and fintech offers

  1. The Chip welcome offer only works for the first 7 days. I recently signed up for chip, then found out that the welcome offer was available by just randomly reading this site. Tried to enter the code, but it informed me that the code wasn’t available for accounts older than 7 days, mine is 9….doh!

  2. I can’t seem to connect to YouGov finance?

    Anyone else having similar issues? I’ve sent two different email addresses but haven’t been sent a link.

  3. Hi Andy
    I was offered the YouGov Finance deal to link accounts and cards some months ago but was concerned about security of my bank account and credit card details being shared with them. Was I wrong to feel anxious about this? Can you reassure that there’s no compromising of my details? I’d appreciate your advice as I must admit I was tempted to grab all those extra points. I have been completing the normal YouGov surveys for a few years now and have had a couple of £50 vouchers – it was just that the sharing of bank account details almost felt like it might be a scam. Thanks.

  4. I’ve been using YouGov Finance for some time now, including when in its Beta format. Works well other than Virgin Money, which insists I’ve got a 7 digit customer number, when I haven’t. Looks like there’s a complication with Clydesdale Bank, which I have pointed out, but which hasn’t been addressed after several months.

  5. Andy thanks for sharing your refer a friend links. I really appreciate that you have road tested these apps and shared them with us. Working my way through the incentives now. Big thanks

  6. Hi Andy, many thanks for all your work. Went for Revolut offer as thought may as well get the free £10. I followed the instructions above including going through that link and spending the £1. How soon should I expect the £10 to be credited?

    1. Actually ignore the above. The free £10 was credited within around 24 hours following my purchase.

      1. Ha great

  7. Regarding the Revolut offer, if you cancel or downgrade premium you have to pay delivery and possibly a fee of £16.99!

    1. I’ve had it confirmed by Revolut that this is a free trial for three months that you can cancel. If you can’t do this, send me an email and I can get my contact to look into it

  8. I have registered for Snoop using the link provided at the end of January but didn’t get the voucher. I have emailed them today and they’ve asked me to provide the link I have used so I have sent them this webpage. I dont know if others also have had this problem that the voucher didn’t come ? 🙁

    1. Thanks Karolina. Let me know what happens

    2. Did you ever receive it? I registered today and was expecting to receive a confirmation email, as they state that “Those that have downloaded the app via the tracking link will get an email containing a reminder of these terms and conditions and details of the voucher”, but haven’t received anything. Did they send you one of those? Thanks

  9. Hey Andy,

    How do I know if I’m properly registered for the Monese cashback? I used your code but got no confirmation of the steps I need to do. I’ve already received my card and spent with it, so I’m a little suspicious that I might not be getting any rewards.

  10. For Monese “Spend a total of £500 with the card and an extra £15 will be added.” do i need to spend 500 in specific period of time? like within 1 month ? Thank you

    1. Hi KK, no, the terms from Monese don’t specify any specific time period. A quick hack though is to use it to pay a credit card bill which might help you get there fast.

      1. Not possible. Financial services are excluded.

      2. Hi Andy, you said above that payments for credit card bills won’t count towards the £500 spend

      3. Hi,
        When do you say credit card bill, that includes that type of top-up cards or vouchers that you can buy for later use in Tesco, Sainsbury and so?

        For some reason when I buy that kind of voucher Chase does not count it for the 1% back, so maybe Monese will not count it either?


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