Why should the famous get all the freebies?

Have you been watching Wimbledon? Look, there’s Becks. And Samuel L Jackson. And that person from that thing that time. All of them enjoying their Centre Court tickets and strawberries. I bet they didn’t queue overnight or enter the ballot for the chance to see the top players.

Oh, there they are again. Backstage at Glastonbury and staying in fancy hotels while everyone else contends with camping in the mud. Whatever the event, you name it, and celebs of all levels seem to have a golden ticket.

Then there are the goodie bags. Oscar parties are infamously the best, with iPads and watches galore. Just for turning up and being famous.

It doesn’t seem fair does it? If normal people like you or I want these things we have to work hard. Stressful hours pressing refresh for tickets. Months saving for enough money.

I’ve no problem with brands giving free entrance and goods to celebs as it helps gain profile. But these people have so much money as it is, surely they’ve no problem paying?

So I’ve two ideas.

First, split the guest list quota 50:50. For every famous freeloader getting entry to an exclusive event, there should be a ballot for Mr and Mrs normal to get the same treatment. Let the masses watch Dolly Parton from the side of the stage with Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper!

Or, if space is really limited or resources tight, make the celeb pay for their ticket but give the money to charity.

It’s all very simple. It’s fair, and won’t cost the organisers any more. Plus it’ll probably be good for the A, B and Z listers to rub shoulders with the people who pay their living.

Who’s with me?

Until then, or you join the VIP club yourself, take a read of our guides to getting gig tickets and theatre tickets to make sure you don’t miss out.

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