The End Of 0870!

Phoning customer services just got cheaper

From today (June 13th), it’s illegal for customer services phones lines to be more than a standard rate. That means the end to many 0870 type calls, costing a fortune each time you’re stuck on hold (see our blog: Getting Old On Hold).

They’ve now got to start 01, 02 or 03. This is great as it means you should be able to dial them as part of your inclusive minutes on your mobile.

There are (of course) a few exceptions.

– They can use 0800 numbers, which are unlikely to be free from a mobile. Use a landline if that’s the case. Next year they should be free to call from any phone.

– It’s only customer service numbers. So tech support or sales can still use any number they like. If you find you need to call one of these, try using Say No To 0870 helps find alternative digits! You can read more details on how it works in our Clever Site guide.

– Business to business lines don’t have to comply – it’s consumer facing only.

Don’t forget that some premium rate numbers, including directory enquiries, can be extortionate. Avoid this if you can!


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