Clever Site: Find the cheapest taxi

How fair is that taxi fare? Find out what you should be paying with these Clever Sites. and it’s sub-site Ride Guru can help you save money on your cab use.

How much will a taxi cost?

Ever have that moment when you’re weighing whether you should get a taxi?

Well, this site can help you figure out if the cost of a taxi is worth it. You can search fares for 19 major towns in the UK, and another 60 countries from Argentina to Vietnam!

You simple enter the start and finish points of your journey and Taxi Fare Finder tells you how much you should expect to pay. It also provides a guide price for light, medium and heavy traffic.

I’ve used this site mainly when on holiday as it can really helps to plan the best / cheapest routes from the airport.

Uber vs black cabs – which is better?

The second handy part is for those who live in London or Manchester. You can use the Ride Guru page to compare the costs of taxis vs Uber.

I’ve had a quick play and as expected longer journeys do come up cheaper with UberX (the basic option) and UberTaxi, but black cabs and Hailo are pretty much the same for short journeys, and the posher Uber options a fair bit more!

I’m a big fan of Uber (read my Clever Site review and get £10 free credit). However with it’s “surge” pricing system that makes the price vary depending on how busy they are, it’s difficult to know if they are always the cheapest option. It looks like the prices shown are only the standard rates, but if you’ve got an Uber quote you can at least compare it here to a regular taxi fare.

LINK: Use Taxi Fare Finder to save on cabs




One thought on “Clever Site: Find the cheapest taxi

  1. Thanks for the info! On my quest to living simpler and more frugal, getting a taxi seems like the last option for me lately. I find that the costs just add up over time. However, when you’re in a hurry, it can help. But I still feel bad for spending. This will definitely help!


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