Clever Site: Blinkbox

Blinkbox cheap film rentals

There are so many different movie streaming sites out there it can get confusing. Some movies and tv shows are only on one service, while others are impossible to find due to licensing restrictions. It can make you miss Blockbuster!

However Blinkbox has a great sign up offer and often has half price or extra Tesco Clubcard points deals.

When you first sign up you can also get £3.49 free credit when you debit £1. This credit lasts 7 days and is valid on rentals or purchases.

LINK: Sign up for your free Blinkbox credit

You don’t have to start watching the film straight away – you have thirty days to begin the rental. Once you’ve begun you have 48 hours to finish watching. When you “buy” a film, you can watch it on up to 5 devices as much as you want, but you don’t actually get a digital copy – it’s through the Blinkbox site.

To see what other deals are running right now which we think are worth looking into, check out our Blinkbox Deals page.