Cheap Blur, Kylie and Strokes tickets

Get joint tickets to two of the British Summer Time concerts in Hyde Park for £99, saving as much as £35

Groupon are selling cut price tickets to see Blur, The Stokes or Kylie in London this June when you buy them two together.

I’m a huge music fan, and would be heading to the Strokes and Blur ones if I didn’t already have plans – especially at this price!

Your options are:

  • Blur and The Strokes – £99, saving £35
  • Blur and Kylie – £99, saving £28
  • Kylie and The Strokes – £80, saving £28

You select and buy the tickets via the link below. You can buy one, two, three or four in one purchase. You’ll then be sent a code to redeem at

There will be an extra booking fee of £7.40 per ticket (that’s a few quid less than buying them seperately) and a £2.75 postage fee for each booking. You pay this when you redeem your code.

>> LINK: Buy cheap British Summer Time tickets from Groupon

The tickets for The Strokes and Beck are normally £59 plus fees on Thursday 18th June.

Tickets for Blur, Metronomy and more on Saturday 20th June are usually £75 plus fees on their own.

 Tickets to Kylie with Mika and others on Sunday 21st June also have a face value of £53


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