Cash Chats 74: Are luxury advent calendars a rip-off?

I’m joined by Cora Harrison to see whether posh advents for adults are worth the money.

Festive advent calendars have changed. When you open the windows you don’t just get pictures of snowmen or angels. Even that late 80s upgrade of small chocolates seems traditional now. And the advent candle is long forgotten.

Now it’s all about luxury advent calendars for adults. For the last few years we’ve been inundated with all sorts of advents for grown-ups full of 24 bottles of gin, 24 tiny test size tubes of cosmetics or 24 random bits of jewellery.

And these aren’t cheap either. You can pay upwards of £300 for the top end versions, and even shops like Aldi have one going for £50. I’ve felt they’re bad value for money and always avoided them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other appeals.

For a start you get to try all sorts of different varieties – whether that’s craft beer, cheese or Pringles (these all exist too). And some, like the M&S Advent, full of beauty products, claims to have a retail value well above what you pay.

So this week on the podcast I’ve been joined by fellow blogger Cora Harrison. On her YouTube channel, Cora has been unboxing dozens of different luxury advent calendars to see what’s inside – and test whether they’re worth the money.

Have a listen to see what we think, plus a chance to win a Beer Hawk craft beer advent calendar.

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