Cash Chats ep50: Battle of the supermarkets

I like Waitrose, and I like Aldi, but which is better? There’s only one way to find out… Fight!

We’ve all got different reasons for picking the supermarket we shop in. It could be price, it could be quality, it could just be whichever is nearest. But we’ve all got our favourites too. So in this week’s episode I’ve been joined by three other money bloggers to argue which is best.

I’ve championed Waitrose, while Katy Stevens from Katy Kicker is on the side of Aldi, Helen Dewdney from The Complaining Cow advocates Tesco and Jane from Lady Janey speaks up for Sainsbury’s. Tune in to hear us discuss and compare customer service, quality and pricing.

This week’s links

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One thought on “Cash Chats ep50: Battle of the supermarkets

  1. Had to chuckle; it’s the first time I’ve come across Andys website ‘Be clever with your cash’ and find it ironic you shop at Waitrose!

    1. Ha, I know! But I do love it, and you can get fantastic value for money. Yes it can be expensive, but it can also be a lot cheaper then other supermarkets – if you shop smart. Saying that though, I do wish I lived near an Aldi or Lidl!


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