Cash Chats #225: Paying less for your energy and what to do when your fix ends

This week I’m focusing on one way to help you with your finances.
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In this latest episode of the pod I’m joined by friend Naomi Willis from the Skint Dad blog to talk about how to cope with the recent price hikes to energy bills.

The normal advice to switch and fix now won’t save you cash, so what can you do instead to reduce your bills?

We talk about ways to reduce usage, where to seek support and what do to when your current fix ends.

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2 thoughts on “Cash Chats #225: Paying less for your energy and what to do when your fix ends

  1. Podcast 225

    I think you NEED to just mention in you next podcast with regards to sealing up drafts etc. Older boilers, witch many people will still have, REQUIRE enough ventilation for complete combustion. If people just go blocking everywhere there is a slight draft, not enough fresh air will be supplied to the boiler or gas fire, etc, which will cause incomplete combustion and eventually a buildup of carbon monoxide and they will die.

    1. Thanks Christian


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