Cash Chats #203: Your Money, This Week – 18 June 2021

Your weekly digest of the biggest money stories from the last seven days.

Every Friday on the pod it’s time for Your Money, This Week. Stories covered in this episode include:

  • The end of cash?
  • Inflation hits 2.1%
  • Will furlough continue?
  • Support for gambling advert ban
  • Online dating scams up 40%
  • & more

My guest this week is Laura, co-founder of Financielle, which started as a female-focused instagram page and has grown into a financial wellness brand. Together we’ll help you get up to speed with what’s been going on.

Plus my deals of the week round up, including a new bank switch offer and Amazon Prime Day tips.

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One thought on “Cash Chats #203: Your Money, This Week – 18 June 2021

  1. Hi Andy… I have joined your group but am at a bit of a loss finding things… maybe you could point me in the right direction, if you don’t mind.
    1/ I want to stop my Sky account… I am on monthly roll-over at present. I saw somewhere that you suggested we get a certain kind of box or recorder but I cannot remember what it was… I would also like to know where to get all the programs for free…
    2/ I am going on a 4 day holiday(5 July to 9 July) to a place in Hessay through… booked but not paid yet…
    3/ Going to barcelona for 5 days in end July or sometime in August booking also through…
    Would really appreciate your help here… if you do not mind…
    4/ Have joined Quidco…… Still trying to work out how to use it properly… we do our weekly shopping mostly at Lidl’s, B&Q, Sainsbury’s and Aldi…
    5/ I have already signed up to your newsletter… so I will not do so again…

    John Barnard


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