Cash Chats #161: Bitcoin Basics

Is Bitcoin something you should be investing in?

There’s a huge amount of noise right now about bitcoin following the cryptocurrency reaching record heights – and then dropping back down.

In this episode, I talk to CoinGeek’s Charles Miller about how it works, the risks of investing and how you can buy bitcoin if you still want to.

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2 thoughts on “Cash Chats #161: Bitcoin Basics

  1. Agreed when you talk about BTC but Bitcoin SV has brought Bitcoin back to its original protocol to be a very low transaction fee digital currency that scales to levels like that of VISA & because of that scalability can be used to store vast amounts of data on the blockchain.

  2. The clue is in the word “investment”. This means to offer money in an enterprise which results in an income stream and thus a return on that initial outlay. There is nothing like this in Bitcoin – it is little more than an over-glorified ponzi scheme hiding behind technology to mislead lay people. All the talk about about it being a “currency” and offering a secure “transaction space” are little more than hyperbole from people who got in early and are making all the money from it. As always people think you can make money from nothing, and those are the ones who get burned in the end.


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